Tuesday 30 April 2013

12th scale 'Posh' Cake


It's been sunny here so despite the 20mph wind (I live quite near the coast) I decided to take some new photos of my diorama (checkout the new banner) and other miniature photos. Some photos on my menu are quite bad due to the fact that my old VAIO laptop makes all my pictures look extremely dull and colourless. I end up having to edit the contrast and brightness and that made a lot of photos look terrible.

However recent photos have been un-edited as I love seeing my miniatures in all its original beauty and glory. It's so much better when I can take photos in the proper sunlight and not have to retouch anything (not to mention it saves loads of my time).

But first - a new arrival in the 'Cake' menu. It's 12th scale and perfect for any little posh Princess.

'Posh' Cake
Subtly pink cake with dark chocolate icing
I've also taken re-shots of some 'Brunch' items as well. It looks so much better now that you can see all the fine details!

Some new shots in the diorama:

Ice Cream and cupcake display
Re-Ment Showcase
Re-Ment display
Sweets Boutique
Cake chiller from Megahouse. Re-Ment cash till
I know I was scheduled to update this blog today with some new Spring home updates but I saw these and I couldn't resist :

...........Which means I will write about my Spring AND Summer home updates when I actually finish shopping!


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