Wednesday 30 November 2016

New Arrivals for November - Ispahan, Palmiers, chewing gum, hash browns, and more!

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here are some new arrivals for November! I have been super busy with holidays and commissions so it is a miracle that I managed to create some new miniatures (and managed to list them on the last day of November!). 
November new arrivals
Since my Paris vacation last month, I have obsessed about making more authentic French pastries. Everyday in Paris I would have a savoury pastry and then a sweet pastry. My favourite was the palmiers from Paul and all the pretty sweets from Ladurée. All of the updated French Pastries are now available from the Pâtisserie menu.
French pastries, new and updated
Littlest Sweet Shop had always sold macarons but it was only in Paris that I realise the macarons I was making was in a mini size because a standard macaron is actually bigger (in the U.K I have only seen the mini ones as well). So the macarons have been updated (this is probably version 4) to a more standard size but with pretty new unicorn colours.  
New standard macarons in pink and baby blue ombré. With a pearl sparkly filling
Next update is the Ispahan. Now we have individual Ispahan and a bigger Ispahan to serve up to 8 dolls!
Littlest Sweet Shop Ispahan range. Biscuit macaron à la rose, crème aux pétales de roses, framboises entières. Comes with gold serving disc. Decorated with rose petals and more raspberries
The individual Ispahan is made up from a smaller meringue biscuit with fresh raspberries and cream. It is topped by a single raspberry and rose petal. It also comes with a gold disc to serve.
Single Ispahan
The bigger Ispahan is made from a big meringue biscuit with raspberries and cream. It is decorated with more rose petals and 2 raspberries on top. It will also come with a gold disc to serve. This beautiful pastry is perfect for a tea party with 8-10 dolls.
Ispahan with 8 servings 
The final Ispahan is a special edition for Valentine's Day. You can find it in the Valentine's Day section in the Seasonal menu. Instead of raspberries, the Valentine's Day edition come with fresh strawberries and cream sandwiched between a heart shaped meringue biscuit. It is decorated with a large red bow. 
Valentine's Day edition Ispahan
I have just made 'Palmiers' for August but in Paris I found out that Palmiers were actually quite big and the 'Palmiers' I made previously (which is smaller in size) are actually called Arlettes. I have now rectified the mistake and placed the Arlettes in the Cookie Shop menu and these are the proper Palmiers that is listed in the Pâtisserie
Large flaky pastry with many buttery layers and coated in sugar
Our next new item is hash browns that are now available in the Breakfast menu. It is part of our fry-up selection so you can mix and match them with other items to create the perfect breakfast. The hash browns are made from the best potatoes so you get a tasty and crispy hash brown. 
Hash browns, sausages, sunny-side-up eggs, fried streaky bacon and bread from Littlest Sweet Shop
Mix and match with other items from the Breakfast menu
Hash browns from Littlest Sweet Shop are deep-fried and crispy on the outside
Close-up fry-up breakfast from Littlest Sweet Shop
As a Sweet Shop we have the responsibility to make and create new candy. This month we have a new selection for the Pick'n Mix - strawberry chewing gum. Of course you can also order the chewing gum in other flavours. Find it now in our Sweets Boutique menu.
Strawberry chewing gum
Finally, our new arrivals are for the Winter season. The 'Frozen' cake and cupcakes come in pretty light blue and turquoise colours with some sparkly details. Both are listed in the Seasonal menu in the Christmas section.
'Frozen' themed cake and cupcakes perfect for the holidays
'Frozen' cake with snowflake details
'Frozen' cupcakes
That's all for today. I am currently trying recreate Japanese style Christmas cakes and more new items for December. Please come and visit us again and remember to enter our Kawaii Box giveaway.
Maya loves the new Palmier. All of our items are made to fit 1/6 doll scale (unless specified). 
See you soon! Bye!

Monday 21 November 2016

Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway


September Kawaii Box
What is the easiest way to get 10-12 different kawaii items from Japan and Korea every month? By subscribing to Kawaii Box of course! I live in the UK where it is hard to find cute Asian goods so this type of subscription service is the perfect way to kawaii-fy your life, no matter where you are.

Each box will usually come with a mix of toys, stationery, craft items, and Japanese sweets. They are exclusively sold in Japan and Korea so it is quite a treat to receive such unique items at your doorstep!

My September Kawaii Box included:
  • Pokemon Ramune Candy
  • Rabi-Dango Plush
  • I Love You Purse
  • Happy Day Notebook Set 
  • Pastel Cupcake Pen
  • Kracie Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit
  • Invisible Secret Pen Set
  • Harajuku Hair Loop Set 
  • Diamond Deco Stickers
  • Dream & Explore Notebook
  • Sweet Animals Sparkle Stickers

The Rabi-Dango plush is so cute and a perfect addition to my soft toy collection. I think they are so happy to welcome a new kawaii friend.
Rabi-dango Plush
This notebook has all the pretty colours on the cover and pretend that you are writing a diary as a mermaid.
Dream and Explore Notebook & Pastel Cupcake Pen
The Cupcake Pen is actually a mechanical pencil and fits so well with my other stationary items in the pencil cup for easy access. That blue and pink lollipop pen is also from a previous Kawaii Box!
Pastel Cupcake Pen
This notebook set comes in a handy case (so you can wear it around your neck) with a pen and some cute stickers. Keep track on things especially when you are out and about.
Happy Day Notebook Set
The safest way to write a secret is by using a secret pen! You use the pen to write in invisible ink and the only way to see/read it is by shining the small torch supplied with the pen. Keep you messages/passwords safe and secure using this system.
Invisible Secret Pen Set
As usual, Kawaii Box will always give you some cute craft items which is perfect for crafters like me. I use stickers for all sorts of things especially personal messages and gift wrapping. I plan to use the Diamond Deco Stickers to bedazzle a piece of craft in the future. The Sweet Sparkle Animal stickers is super cool since it has bits of loose bits inside and smells like strawberry!
Sweet Animals Sparkle Stickers & Diamond Deco Stickers
The Pokemon ramune candy that was included was in Soda flavour and basically tastes like Cola. I love Japanese sweets especially this type of tablet candy. It almost melts in your mouth and leaves a cool feeling on your tongue.
Pokemon Ramune Candy
This must be my 6th or 7th Kracie DIY candy set. The name slightly confuses me as I have no idea if we are making worm-shaped candy or something totally different.

It comes with everything you need to make your own tiny pieces of candy. Just add water to the 'Cream' mix. It also comes with 3 different flavour powder: Melon, Ramune and Pineapple. You extrude the cream mixture (tastes like vanilla) through the pink plastic container and it gets coated in the different powders.
Kracie Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit
Ja! I made these wormy looking sweets using the kit and enjoyed eating them since it was extremely yummy. My favourite was definitely ramune and pineapple flavour. I'm not a big fan of melon (cantaloupe) flavour which is popular in Japanese candy but my husband likes it. The cream is still quite soft and everything almost melts in your mouth. I liked it so much that I might buy more of these again (if only I can find it!).

Want you own Kawaii Box? Win it by entering the competition below. Kawaii Box ships worldwide so as long as you have a valid address, you an enter for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoyed the review and good luck to everybody! I have just finished a series of commissions and will debut some new Christmas items soon. So remember to come again!


Wednesday 9 November 2016

Commission and Activity update

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is a commission for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. It is a very special commission since the order is for 1/12 scale (dollhouse miniature scale) food. Even though most of our products are made in 1/6 scale, we can also make selected items in 1/12 scale. Please ask if you are not sure!

We used a 1 penny coin (British currency) and my own hands to show the scale. 

One of the item is for a custom jar of rainbow puff balls! I had to roll hundreds of tiny balls to fill up the jar but aren't they cute? Some items such as the 1/6 scale Mermaid Seashell, Mini marshmallows and Heart Fruit drops. These sweets are small enough to be applicable in 1/12 scale.
1/12 scale sweets and candy. Mermaid seashell, heart fruit drops and mini marshmallows are in 1/6 scale
1/12 scale onion rings
1:12 scale ice box cookies
1:12 Rainbow pound cake
1:12 Stollen cake
1:12 scale Candy cane trees
1:12 scale brownies in various designs
Marble cake, Halloween and Valentine's Day pounds cake slices in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale sliced bread
1:12 scale chicken and beef taco
1:12 scale Swiss roll cake slices
The order also included some 1/6 scale items:
1:6 scale salad in take-away container
Various 1/6 scale sweets and treats
I also conducted a workshop for a group called Anglian Miniaturists. I designed and taught them how to make realistic stone/brick surfaces and even tiling for dolls houses and dioramas. I'm glad everyone had a go and created their own unique surface to decorate their projects.

Here is some work I produced for the workshop.
Realistic terracotta brick surface using polymer clay and weathering techniques
Realistic stone wall
Tiled surface
Plenty of new upcoming projects is lined up for the next few weeks so come visit us again - we are always here!