Saturday 13 April 2013

New arrivals in Bakery menu

Hi again!
It was another beautiful day today (in the morning) so I was out cycling for almost 3 hours! It got cloudy when I got back and I really wanted to update this blog with some new items. If it wasn't for the strong winds I would actually shoot these outside but instead I had to manually turn my room into a miniature studio (involves 2 lamps - sigh, such hassle!!). Please bear with me and my amateur photography skills :)

As promised, here are some new items that had just been updated in the 'Bakery' menu. Check it out!

Cream horns
More jams / preserves / sauces

Traditional bread
I also took a new photo of my lolli-bouquet (yup, that's what I'm calling it now). This is a tiny sneak peek into my new hard candy lollipops (pssst, the heart shape!)

A photo from cycling today. I am very lucky to live in the countryside. Nature is just so pretty!

I have also just pre-ordered my first Blythe doll from Japan! I've been searching for the right kind of doll/girl to model my 1/6 miniatures and I thought Sadie Sprinkle is perfect since she loves cupcakes and decorating them! I'm going to stuff so many cute cupcakes into her lilac basket.

The Littlest Sweet Shop needs a sweet tooth with an imagination like her ;)

The doll is only released in the end of May so I'm hoping she will arrive safely (the doll will be 'travelling' from Japan to England) before my birthday in June! She is also a little birthday present for myself. 

OK, time for supper. Bye!


  1. What an amazing little sweet shop! Your desserts are divine.

    Many mini hugs,

    1. Thanks Jackie. Your mini cakes are GORGEOUS!

      Mini hugs!

  2. Everything looks delicious! :)

  3. Your desserts are so sweet! I can't wait to see your new doll...she looks so beautiful!

    Pei Li

    1. Thank you Pei Li. I can't wait for the doll either! It would be more than a month for now but I'm sure I can keep myself busy whilst waiting.
      Thank you for leaving me a comment, I read your blog a lot!! Your work is an inspiration for me too :)