Monday 6 May 2013

Great miniatures come in small packaging

Happy May Day everybody!

I have to admit, I haven't really done much modelling this week since it was so nice and warm outside! Whenever we have good weather, we make the most out of it so I'm usually out in the garden, sunbathing, cycling and having barbecues!

Despite all of that running around, I still managed to create some new packaging for my miniatures since I know that a lot of people usually love cute packaging. What's cuter than packaging for your tiny donuts?

Packaging comes free with purchases (terms and conditions apply) and is listed on each individual menu which offers it. If you would still like a bespoke handmade box for your miniatures, I can also make one for a fee.
Boxes! All handmade
Gift wrapping service now available as it says here in this poster 
Extremely cute cake box with cake patterns on it! 
Whole cakes are put into a nice box with a window (so you can display it in the box)
Cupcake box, introduced in the last post
Donut box - great for displaying those precious cuties! Comes with a window 
New in the 'Sweets Boutique' menu - packaged chocolate candy. Perfect for sharing
I also made these 2d tea party set - complete with bunting! I was going to price it for £6 a set or free if you order anything above £30. But hurry - they come in extremely limited quantities. I didn't list this on the menu but please mention it in your order if you are interested.

A perfect companion for your paper dolls?
Complete with bunting, tea sets, cupcakes, cookies, tiered cake, cake slices and many more items!
Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and I shall see you very soon with more new items.



  1. You make the cutest miniatures! I have been piddling with miniature foods but you have inspired me to make dioramas, they just look so adorable!

    1. Thank you! This is my first diorama, I've been meaning to make new ones too!

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