Wednesday 27 April 2016

Littlest Pâtisserie update with new Petite Madeleine

Bonjour Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We updated the Littlest Pâtisserie (French Pastries menu) with some new photos and also added a new item to the list - Petite Madeleine.
Littlest Pâtisserie 
Madeleine is a traditional French sponge cake. At Littlest Sweet Shop we offer Petite Madeleine which is a smaller version. It is very moist because of the butter and extremely fluffy. We even offer this in dark chocolate flavour or dipped in chocolate/strawberry.
Petite Madeleine
It's not easy getting the hundreds of layers into a Mille-feuille. Our classic Mille-feuille even has creamy custard filling.
No two raspberries on an Ispahan looks the same because we don't use a mould to model it! Extremely time consuming process to produce each elegant dessert.
Raspberry Ispahan
Did you know that Croquembouche is an alternative to wedding cakes? It is tall and elegant which makes it worthy to celebrate a joyous occasion. Traditionally it is made entirely from choux balls but we also offer a rainbow pastel macaron version which is so sweet and girly.
Macaron Croquembouche. Made from Littlest Sweet Shop macarons
French pastries are so simple yet beautiful. We offer a wide selection of French desserts for your dolls to have with their afternoon tea. Each one of them is a classic piece of miniature for you to own. You can use it in any type of scene (diorama) to add a touch of class.
St. Honoré, Religieuse and Ispahan
Mont Blanc
Profiterole. Ideal for sharing 
Choux buns with cream (vanille / chocolat)

Pain au chocolat & croissant
Italian mille-feuille. Chocolate and strawberry meringue centres.
Various Mille-feuille
Round Mille-feuille. Different flavours and topping
St. Honoré 'Queen and King'
Macarons. We make ours using the sweetest pastel colours
That's all for now. Before we say good-bye, we would like to announce that we will be at The Most Kawaii Event of The Year in London. This is happening next week so please click on the link to find out more information if you are interested in going. Maya and Naru will also be coming along and we will be selling new Littlest Sweet Shop accessories.


Made to perfectly fit playscale / fashion doll scale / 1/6 scale

Wednesday 20 April 2016

New items for April - Sharing Bread, Rainbow Sprite Pound cake and Snow Cones!

Good Day Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's a good day indeed when the sun is shining outside and you know summer is just around the corner. Let's check out some new arrivals that have been freshly baked here at Littlest Sweet Shop.

Freshly baked new arrivals + Snow cones 
Our first new arrival is the Sharing Bread / Pull Apart Bread which is now listed in our Bakery menu. Sharing bread comes in sets of 6 pieces, 9 pieces and even 16 pieces. There should be enough cute buns to feed a group of dolls. They look cute in kitchen or bakery scenes. 
9 Pieces Sharing bread
We made cute San-X characters Sharing Bread featuring Rilakkuma and friends. Mix and match yours by commissioning one today! Each bun has been hand-decorated with sugar icing to bring out the characters.
Korilakkuma & Kiiroitori  Sharing bread
Our character sharing breads are light and fluffy. This chocolate Rilakkuma bread looks so scrumptiously soft and chocolatey. 
Rilakkuma Sharing Bread
All sharing breads come default as a whole but you can ask to have 1 or 2 pieces 'torn out'.
1 Rilakkuma Bread torn out and ready to be eaten. Look at how light the bread is!
Of course if you want something more classic, you can always order Hot Cross buns or even a cheesy sharing bread. All of our miniatures are bespoke to order so we can make anything that you desire. There are many types of bread to choose from and various selection of toppings.
Hot cross buns. A glazed Sharing Bread classic
Hot Cross buns in 9 pieces and 6 pieces
Like everything else in the Sweet Shop, we can also seal and package your bread. Display this in your supermarket scene/diorama. 
Akiko with a package of 6 pieces Hot Cross Buns.
The Pound cake is already available for festive celebrations but this new arrival can be ordered whenever you want it. This Rainbow Sprite Pound Cake is moist and colourful. Have it with tea or even coffee and let the colours cheer your day.

Order the Rainbow Sprite (or any other design) from the Cakes menu.

If you only want some sliced pieces but not the whole cake, we do sell individual slices. Why not have it sealed and packed too? Your dolls can take it for a picnic or in their lunch boxes.
Rainbow Sprite Pound cake. Iced with white frosting and decorated with rainbow sprinkles.
Our pound cake is extremely light and fluffy because we only use the best ingredients!

Since summer is getting closer, wouldn't it be great to have some Snow Cones to cool down with? Now you can get icy Snow Cones by visiting Littlest Sweet Shop! 
Maya with a rainbow Snow Cone. Perfectly made to 1/6 scale
Littlest Sweet Shop Snow Cones come in all the juicy colours of the rainbow. Choose your perfect colour combination from the Ice Cream menu
Orange and Strawberry, Rainbow, Tropical Punch and Grape
Our last new arrival for April is a Large size loaf which can be found in Bread section of the Bakery menu. Any type of bread can be ordered as a large size.
Large Pumpernickle
Last but not least, here is a new lollipop flavour - Stripey Rainbow. This is more like an inverted version of the Rainbow Swirl lollipop. Now available in the Sweets Boutique menu.
Stripey rainbow lollipop.
That's all for now. Come back soon to find out what commissions I have been working on and a review giveaway of Japanese sweets. Make sure not to miss any of that by following us on any social media platforms.


Maya standing in front of the dollhouse with the new lollipops. 

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Coming soon - Littlest Sweet Shop Exclusive sets for Tiny Frock Shop

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We are restocking Tiny Frock Shop with 9 NEW exclusive Limited Edition sets (series 2). They will be shipped off to America and only be available next month so do check out their website for more information. There will also be an announcement from our Facebook and Instagram page when these sets go on sale. 

Please take note that the food does not come with the accessories shown in the photos unless stated. Each item is handmade and unique. 

Doughnut Set
8 various doughnuts
1 handmade box
8 Pieces of doughnuts and a handmade box
Our doughnut collection features 8 different intricate designs by Littlest Sweet Shop. 8 different glazes and toppings for your dolls to choose from - kiwi, chocolate coconut, blueberry, rainbow sprinkles, and more!

Cupcake collection
8 cupcakes in different designs
1 handmade box

This set is not only colourful but each piece has been decorated in adorable detail. Some are vanilla base cupcakes and some are chocolate base cupcakes. There is even a cupcake made with rainbow batter!
Cupcakes collection

Valentine's Day set
3 different cupcakes with box
4 heart chocolate lollies
1 'BE MINE' Heart cake
1 Heart-shaped Sugar Cookie
1 Kiwi cheesecake Entremet
1 Heart-shaped Mini Cake
2 packs of Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie (3 cookies a pack)
Valentine's Day set
The Valentine's Day set is also the perfect collection for the doll who loves pink!
Each cupcake has been decorated differently
Christmas set
4 candy canes (in 2 designs)
2 Gingerbread men
1 Snowman cookie
1 large English mince pie
1 Christmas tree cake

Reserve this set now for the upcoming winter season and complete your Christmas scene with these essentials. The Christmas tree cake makes a great centrepiece or backdrop to your doll's Christmas spread.

Halloween collection
4 pumpkins
1 bag of candy corn
4 Halloween cake pops in Skull, Jack'o Lantern, Black Cat and Mummy
1 Chocolate coffin (perfect candy dish!)
1 Jack'o Lantern cookie
1 Large Chocolate Fudge Halloween cake with 1 slice
90 Pieces of Halloween candy
Halloween Collection. The fudge on the cake looks so gooey OMG
This collection is sweet and a little scary - but mostly YUMMY! With ample supply of candy in this set, you might even have enough candy to give away to dolly Trick or Treaters. 4 pumpkins are also included so that you can use them as a prop in any Autumn scene.
It looks really neat if you put all the tiny sweets into a playscale/1/6th clear glass bowl
Over 90 pieces of Skull candy, Spiderweb mints, humbugs (an English sweet), candy corn

Garden Tea Part set
2 Cupcakes in different designs
1 Chestnut Mont Blanc (with gold foil base)
3 Sugar Cookies (four leaf clover and butterfly)
1 Croquembouch (a tower of choux pastry balls and bound with threads of caramel)
4 different slices of Chequered cake
1 Slice rainbow cheesecake

A great selection of delicious treats in rainbow colours to brighten up your day. Don't you feel like having a tea party in the garden with these colourful sweets?
Garden Tea Party set fit for a Fairy Princess :)

Sweet and Savoury favourites set
1 burger
1 Beef taco
1 Chicken taco
1 Spaghetti Bolognese
4 baguette slices
1 Peanut Butter spread on baguette slice
5 churros dipped in different sauces
1 Container 4 types of churro sauces
1 pack of uncooked streaky bacon
6 uncooked back bacon
Sweet and Savoury favourites set
This versatile set features different items for breakfast, lunch, snacking and even dinner.

Littlest Sweet Shop burgers and tacos
Realistic looking bread.
Springtime Collection
4 Easter cookie in flower pot
5 sugar cookies (tulip, Easter egg, bird, bunny)
1 Chocolate egg
2 Kuma (Bear) bread
1 Chocolate bunny
3 packed sugar cookies (butterfly, Easter Egg, flower)
1 lemonade lollipop
1 slice of cake 
Springtime collection
Decorate your Easter celebrations with the Springtime collection from Littlest Sweet Shop.
The wrapped sugar cookies can be hidden around the garden for the Easter Egg hunt.
Cookies, chocolate and bread for Easter
Summer Treats Collection
1 double scoop ice cream cone (Mint chocolate with strawberry) with metal stand
1 single scoop ice cream cone (rainbow) with metal stand
1 Raspberry ripple ice cream in waffle bowl
1 slice American apple pie
3 large bars of chocolate (milk and dark chocolate)
10 pieces of humbugs with candy container
3 chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies
1 packed chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies
2 Sugar cookies (Caterpillar and flower)
4 different lollipops

This collection will make you crave sugar. It goes great with any scene that needs sweetening up!

1 of the sandwich cookie has been packed and sealed so you can take it for a picnic :)
That's it for now. I just finished a big a commission recently and will release some new items for April VERY SOON ;)

Remember to check out all of these new sets at when it is released. Make sure to follow us on social media as well to get the alerts.