Wednesday 31 July 2013

1:12 scale glazed doughnuts


So I rarely post my 1:12 scale work because I don't have those fancy SLR cameras that can focus on super tiny (almost microscopic) miniatures. My husband actually has an SLR but I actually don't want to get into macro photography simply because I have too much going on as it is right now.

I made these doughnuts for a commission recently and I thought of sharing it with you. I took the photos using my standard old camera but I guess it doesn't look too out of focus.
Ring doughnut with pink icing and chocolate glazing
Each doughnut is only 0.75cm in diameter for 1/12 scale (based on a Krispy Kreme doughnut)
I included a box for it since it isn't complete without a box!
I always include a freebie for every new Littlest Sweet Shop customer.
Now the pictures above doesn't do it justice. I hate taking photos of miniatures with my fingers in the photo (to show the size of the miniature) like a lot of miniaturist do because my fingers are tiny and long so it wouldn't look as tiny as it should be :p

Honestly, I should have trained to become a classical pianist to make use of my small tiny hands and long fingers.

Anyway, to give you a better perspective of the size of the doughnut - I took a photo of doughnut models in all the different scales that I specialise in.
1/3 scale, 1/6 scale, 1/12 scale

So that is a little lesson in scales. Make sure you choose the right one for your doll and doll house/scene!

I'm kinda preoccupied with sewing recently. I'm making summer dresses for Sadie Sprinkle in an effort to make her look less 'kawaii' and more sophisticated. I will definitely reveal this other hobby on the blog soon and who knows - maybe a Littlest Boutique to be launched soon?

My Puppen Haus kit is still on transit. It's already in the UK but it takes forever for customs to clear it since they take the time to find a way to tax it as much as possible. Sigh, as long as it arrives here safely I'm really not fussed. Just clear it already!

I will be posting more new-in items for the sweet shop hopefully this weekend so I hope you are here to see what else I have been making.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Ta!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

New in - White Marshmallow Castle cake


There is something new in the Sweet Shop! It's a castle cake and the castle itself is made from fluffy marshmallows and decorated with various sweets.

I have always wanted a castle cake since I was little but never got one since it was always a big cake and I was never popular enough to have a big birthday party :p

I wanted to model this 1:6 miniature cake to mark my most recent milestone birthday. I sketched the design and plan for it back in April. Obviously, I only managed to complete this project after my birthday but I hope that my doll visitors would enjoy it anyway.

Since my guild is fortunate enough to have Polyform sponsor us some of their latest products - I decided to make the castle using Sculpey and Premo (both from Polyform). I'm a loyal user of FIMO and use it for most of my miniatures but Sculpey was the only brand that makes polymer clay which also looks like marshmallow! As usual, all the other decorations (sweets, sugar cone) are all made using FIMO. 

Front view of the White Marshmallow castle

Fleur-de-lis in gold on the front gate. Front gate is made from a cookie and outlined with chocolate.
Castle towers are all topped with a sugar cone. Front gravel is pastel sprinkles with chocolate buttons bordering it. I added powdered sugar onto the chocolate buttons
Back view. White chocolate bar, pastel candy shaped into trees and chocolate meringues.
Side view, same on both sides. 
Pink icing around the whole cake

Diamante on the scalloped roof edges and a pastel candy outlining the main entrance.
All flags are fabric.
A tiny gold crown with a pink diamante.
Sadie loves this candy-themed cake
Built to scale for all fashion dolls.
I hope you like it! I love making huge and intricate models so I hope more new clients will come and challenge me with new ideas :)

In other news, I have just ordered a 1:6 doll house (I'm calling mine Puppen Haus) all the way from America. The postage itself was $200 so this is going to be my last big investment (for now!). It will be taller than me and probably take months to decorate and furnish since the plan is to do it all by myself. I'm so excited and I can't wait for it to arrive!

Time for some relaxing yoga in the heat. I hope you are enjoying your summer as well.


Thursday 18 July 2013

Hot summer

Hey people!

It's been such a great summer so far with temperatures finally rising up to 30 degrees! I have to admit, I haven't done much modelling lately because I have been enjoying this heat wave. I had barbecues, made mango slushies, ate ice-cream everyday and just enjoyed the sun. I even cleaned the hot tub so we could have a nice cool dip just after sunning ourselves in the garden.

It's just been so great - but not great for productivity. Time flies when you are just lying down on a beach towel not doing much else. The heat wipes me out so I just veg on the couch for the rest of the evening.

You know what else is great on a nice warm day? An excuse to finally take sunny photos of the Littlest Sweet Shop. Hope you enjoy these shots!

Saturday 13 July 2013

Littlest Sweet Shop Wallpaper

Hello again!

Here is a little freebie from the Littlest Sweet Shop. It's a wallpaper that is available in different sizes so please download the best size for your device's wallpaper.
You can click on the wallpaper preview above or alternatively just click on this link:

I do hope you like it! If you love the 1/3 scale collection, make sure you check out the menu as it has been updated with some new pictures.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Littlest Sweet Shop diorama v2.0 and some new arrivals!


If you are on my Facebook page then you would notice that I've been mentioning work on a second diorama. Yes that's right, I built a new one (almost from scratch) to fit Sadie Sprinkle.

The blog header has been changed to the new diorama and here are some pictures from the new Littlest Sweet Shop. It is basically the same design but with additional shelves, a higher wall, bigger shop window and painted with a Laura Ashley colour called 'Pale Parisian Blue'. I still love the old shop colour which is Laura Ashley's 'Duck Egg Blue' but I didn't have much left.

The photos can look a bit dodgy because I did it indoors. The new diorama has a heavy wooden base so it's hard to carry outside. I also think Sadie is more photogenic outdoors!
 I made this cafe table and everything on it (except for the plate, fork and salt'n pepper shakers)
Things are more or less in the same place it's always been. Some have been shifted around.
Additional shelves are great to stash all the boxes I made.

Sadie is just happy that she does not look like a giant anymore! This diorama is custom made for her height
New bigger bar table and a bigger window. Ignore the oil painting. It's literally been more than 20 years since I attempted to paint any picture.

Sadie enjoys an apple pie at the bar table.
That's not all folks! I've also listed a few new arrivals throughout (almost) the entire menu range! Make sure you check it out. Here is just some of it:

New in! Pastel macarons

New chocolate-loaded cupcakes!
More of that lovely rainbow ice cream scoops.
That's not all so you will have to click through the menu to find out more new treats.

Thanks for viewing. Bye!