Tuesday 22 August 2017

Commission Update - Neko Pan (Cat bread)

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is a recent commission that I did for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. This is her second order so I am extremely happy that she came back to our humble shop to order more new miniatures. She requested this design of Cat Bread based on a stuffed toy and wanted them to have 4 different expressions. I also made a plain Melon Pan (Japanese bread) for her.

Each bread has a different expression that was hand-painted in painstakingly small detail. Therefore it was possible to give the Cat Breads any type of expression the client wanted. The faces are painted in 'chocolate' so the breads still look yummy AND cute.
Commission for client. 4 Cat Breads and 1 plain Melon Pan
Angry and 'Nyan' faced cat breads
Surprised and Happy Cat Breads
Each cat bread has a cute tail and ears making them super kawaii!
That's all for today's update. Make sure you follow us on our social media channels for more daily updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly tutorials. Also don't forget to enter our giveaway for a surprise box of kawaii items here. I am currently working on some new miniatures for September so make sure you visit us again to see all of the new items.  I am also currently building ANOTHER dollhouse which is in 1:12 scale so I have been extremely busy lately. I think the dollhouse will only be ready in another 2 months and it will be revealed here after it has been completed.


Monday 14 August 2017

Blippo Fukubukuro Review and Giveaway


Hello Kawaii Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

In Japan during the New Year, shops often have a promotion selling exclusive fukubukuro (lucky bags) in store. It is usually a set of random items which has been discounted and only available in a limited supply. Blippo.com is my favourite Kawaii shop where I can get all of my favourite Japanese and Korean products. They also have a fukubukuro offer but it is better since it is available all year long, not just during New Year's day. This Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag cost less than $15 and includes at least 15 random kawaii items like plushies, stationery and more! The items retail for more than $45USD and it is a surprise since you don't know what you will get.
Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag
Blippo was nice enough to send me a Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag and there were so many cute items inside the drawstring bag that it was practically bursting! I have to admit it is very exciting to see what is inside since you have no clue. The drawstring bag is also nice since it is in a 'candy' design which is SO Littlest Sweet Shop. The fan was so useful when I was out in London especially in the tube during summer. There isn't any air-conditioning in the London Underground so I was so happy to have a folding fan that was super light and compact. It cooled me down instantly plus it had such a kawaii design which I really love.

The surprise package came with not 1 but 3 different cute pouches! The watermelon purse is so summery and the Pikachu pouch is super kawaii. Girls can never have too many purses!
Purses and little pouches
There was a luggage tag with 3 macarons on it so I won't loose my luggage. It is bright yellow so I will definitely be able to spot it from afar.
Macaron luggage tag
This cute neko plushie was a sweet surprise and will be keeping all of my other plushies company.
Neko plushie
Kawaii items can also be practical. This strawberry candy bar compact comb also has a little mirror folded into it. I love sweet-themed items so this is my new favourite comb. It is also in my favourite colour!
Strawberry candy bar comb and mirror compact
One thing I always love about doing Blippo reviews is that I often get items for arts and crafts. I love making cute things and these pearl stickers will definitely come in handy one day.
Pearl stickers for arts and crafts
The last item that I am reviewing is also my FAVOURITE item in the bag! It is a Hello Kitty spectacles frame and it somehow instantly makes me feel so kawaii when I wear it! I love it so much that I actually got prescription lens for it so that I can use them everyday (even if I rarely wear glasses :p).
Hello Kitty spectacles frame
Obviously there are more really cute and practical items included that I couldn't possible review since there are just too many but I hope you like my review of selected items that I love most. That's not all, you also get a chance to win your own Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag by entering the competition below. Blippo ships worldwide so anyone with a valid home address is eligible to enter.

Good luck everyone!  

Tuesday 1 August 2017

New arrivals for August - German cakes and biscuits, Chinese Take-out menu, Baked Alaska and more!

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers! 

July has been a crazy month since I was updating the YouTube channel each weekend plus I was also Sculpey's Blogger of the Month so I was also blogging there every week. I was also creating a new project for them, doing a commission AND creating more new items for Littlest Sweet Shop. I also had to go to London in the middle of the month for a few days so there was definitely some unproductive days. I do frequent updates on social media so please follow us there if you are keen on seeing all of the new items that are being made (while it is being made) before it is even listed here on the website.
August new arrivals! Been so busy making so many new items!
Righto, let's go straight to the new items. We now have Chinese food and take-out! I know I promised to make 12 different types of dishes but my hands really got itchy to make cakes after the fifth Chinese dish I created from polymer clay. Chinese food is my favourite food and I cook it all the time for lunch since we don't have take-out here in the English countryside. I created my favourite ones in miniature and you can order it based on any number of serving and even request it in our own hand-made take-out boxes. Don't forget to order tapioca chips and fortune cookies to re-create a take-out dinner scene for your dolls.

Littlest Sweet Shop Chinese Food
Mix match different items with take-out boxes for dinner at the dolls house
General Tso's chicken. Crispy chicken in special sauce with dried chillies and spring onions. Garnished with broccoli
Sesame chicken. Deep fried pieces in sweet tangy sauce with sesame seeds. The sesame is super tiny but it's there!
Chilli prawns served in a bed of lettuce. Garlic and black pepper in the sauce
White rice to eat with all the delicious new Chinese dishes
Fried rice is also available. Comes with peas, carrots and ham pieces
Sweet and sour pork. Crispy battered pork with pineapple, green peppers, and red onion chunks
Tapioca chips in rainbow colours. Perfect snack to have with Chinese food
We can also pack away your Chinese food in our own take-out boxes
Chinese take-out boxes designed by Littlest Sweet Shop

I had always wanted to make these Choux pastry swans since they are such elegant and beautifully hand-crafted pastry. We make ours coated in powdered sugar and filled with delicious looking cream. Perfect dessert to serve with your fancy tea.

Choux pastry swans
Swan body is coated in powdered sugar

So I think I have finally created all of the contents for Littlest Sweet Shop groceries! The last one I had to make was for the snacks packaging and you can order your snack packaging half filled with loose pieces. They are all made to look light and crispy so you won't be disappointed. Each piece is hand-made so they each look individually unique just like the real thing.

Super Ring, Hot'n Spicy Potato Chips and Prawn Crackers
Ready to eat!
Perfect fit for your doll's size
Potato chips with realistic skin edges
Our next batch of new arrivals are actually German baked goods. The Gingerbread house is new for the Christmas menu and featured in my project for Sculpey.
Littlest Sweet Shop Germanic items
Lebkuchen is a popular German biscuit that we can even get in our supermarkets here. Our design is loosely based on a popular German brand which features 4 different shapes and comes in 3 different styles - chocolate coated, sugar iced coated and white icing coated.
Mini Gingerbread biscuits with 3 different icing and 4 different shapes
Lebkuchenherzen is a large heart shaped German gingerbread that can be hung up as decoration. It is often sold during Oktoberfest and other markets in Germany. It comes with written messages in icing but we can only write a single German word for now!
Lebkuchenherzen 'Love' message
Lebkuchenherzen 'Thank you' message. Perfect as souvenirs or as a gift
Our new Gingerbread House is decorated with stained-glass candy windows all over. The candy is translucent so you can light the house up through the windows if you put a light source inside. If you want to try to make one yourself, please visit our YouTube channel for the tutorial.
Whole house is decorated with white icing and stained-glass candy windows

Side and roof view
Back view
I've known about this cake for a while now but I was only inspired to make it when I was in Japan! This cake is so popular in Japan that they sell slices of it in convenience stores. It is many layers of thin cake that is made on a pole. They keep adding layers until you get this 'bark' of a cake. At Littlest Sweet Shop we offer whole Baumkuchen or just individual slices that is yummy for tea time.
Baumkuchen. You can see all of the fine layers of cake
Lamingtons are a popular cake in Australia. It is basically sponge cake with jam, coated in chocolate or red icing. It is then rolled into dessicated coconut.
Littlest Sweet Shop Lamingtons
Strudels are a delicious pastry from Austria filled with fruit compote. We made ours in Forest berries, cherry and apple flavour.
Forest berries, cherry and apple strudels
Light pastry with a delicious fruit filling
Littlest Sweet Shop version in a tight lattice design
I made these prototype at first for a client and now they are also available to you in our Breads menu! They are actually designed based on a Japanese bread called Melon Pan and fashioned into cats. We can even paint on any cute expressions on them using 'chocolate'. Each cat comes with bready ears and a tail.

Cat Bread. Happy and 'Nyan' cats
Since it's summer (even though it's raining and cold half the time here in England), I love making cold desserts. Baked Alaska was always something I wanted to make in miniature since it is also a challenge to make in real life. My plan and idea on how to make it actually worked and I even documented the process on our YouTube channel. The outside crust is a thick meringue shell that is toasted. Inside are layers of ice cream and brownie cake. I made this with strawberry and mint choc-chip ice cream since I love how the colours look so nice together.
Baked Alaska dessert miniature by Littlest Sweet Shop
Pretty toasted meringue design on the outside
Inside are layers of ice cream and brownie
This is our 2017 popsicle update. Now even with more varieties and extra cuteness!
Our popsicles come in every flavour, striped, and dipped in miniature toppings for extra realism
Littlest Sweet Shop 2017 popsicle line-up
As always, made perfect to scale
Last but not least, we added chocolate Liège waffles to the breakfast menu just because they were popular in Japan and I saw so many new flavours there. These small and crunchy snacks are great for any occasion.
Chocolate Liège Waffles

That's all of our new arrivals and available to order at any time. This week I am working on a new wedding cake for a video tutorial and more new Grocery items since I love making that type of miniature. Please do follow us on our social media channels to get more frequent updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel.