Friday 22 December 2017

Making of IKEA Billy 1/6 scale Bookcase furniture

Happy Holidays Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

There has been so many new miniatures cluttering up the dollhouse recently so Akiko decided to purchase another Billy unit from Ikea. This new one will be placed in the bedroom. It's so easy to install Billy so Naru decided to do it herself. The furniture is flat packed so it could easily be sent to their home.
Naru with the new Billy Bookcase. Neatly packaged in a thin box.
Before she starts, she checked the contents to make sure everything is there. There shouldn't be issues assembling it as long as it has no missing parts.
Contents of Billy miniature
 Naru reads the instructions first and makes sure she understands everything.
Naru reading the Billy instructions manual
 Assemble the sides and fixed shelves together first by slotting in the plastic peg parts together.

After that assemble the other side. It is now quite stable to stand on its own.

Slide in the cardboard back (just like the real size Billy!). Slot in the rest of the shelves in place.
Maya helping Naru install the rest of the shelves
Yeay! It is now assembled! Billy bookcase is great because it looks really nice and you can adjust the shelf height to your own preference (exactly like the real Billy). The quality is also very nice and now we have 2 Billy bookcases in the dollhouse. 
A beautiful new piece of furniture for the dolls house.
You can put so many items on this bookcase but here are just several pieces thrown in to show its potential. 

That's all for now! Have a great Christmas and see you next year!


Saturday 16 December 2017

New in: Xmas Presents, Xmas Crackers, Japanese Curry, Onigiri, Sundae Cup ice cream, Bananas and Panettone

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's been tricky to take photos this time of year since we barely get any sunlight and even if it was a sunny day I can only take photos with natural light in the morning. Here are some miniatures that I managed to list on the website for this month including some dollhouse miniatures which is perfect for Christmas. This is only half of the new items that I've made so hopefully I will be able to list the other half by January.

Our first new miniature will make any doll's Christmas a bit more special. These presents come in any size you want in either plain paper (with metallic ribbon) or patterned paper (cloth ribbon). Grab a few so you can place them under your miniature Christmas tree.
Littlest Sweet Shop's handmade wrapped presents
Perfect miniatures to complete your Christmas tree
Christmas Crackers is a big part of Christmas Dinner tradition and now you can get a set from us. It comes in gold or silver with metallic ribbon detailing.
Silver cracker with red ribbon
Gold cracker with silver ribbon
Littlest Sweet Shop crackers will complete your table setting for Christmas
Since we make our own tableware now, we can offer some food miniatures which comes permanently on the plate. This Japanese curry comes in an oval plate (in the colour of your choice) with Japanese rice. There is a generous amount of curry gravy which you can have with either a crispy pork cutlet (tonkatsu) or beef pieces. There are also small pieces of vegetables like peas, carrots and cubed onions. This combination makes it a complete meal for your doll. Japanese curry is mild so everyone should like it!
Littlest Sweet Shop's Japanese curry dishes
Tonkatsu Curry with rice
Beef curry with rice
Another new miniature has just been added to our long list of ice cream selection! These sundae cups are made to look like McDonald's style sundaes. The plastic container looks so real since we used a technique called vacuum forming to make it, just like the real one! You can see the vanilla soft serve clearly through the cup and the lid is removable.
Delicious soft serve ice cream with various hot dessert sauces
Toffee sundae
The cap lid is removable
Chocolate sundae
Strawberry sundae
Onigiri is a Japanese riceball which is great for bento (lunch box) and picnics. Our plump onigiri has some nori (seaweed) covering a part of it. You can also pack it for your dolls when you are going on a long train trip.
Littlest Sweet Shop onigiri

Each piece of rice has been hand-modeled for extra realism
Realistic layer of nori (seaweed). 
Panettone is an Italian bread that is also served during the Christmas season. It is a delicious bread which is usually filled with fruits but we also made ours with chocolate chip pieces. The panettone comes with a heart ribbon around it and fits really well with our own round doily that you can purchase separately
Chocolate chip panettone
Layer of heart ribbon wrapped around it
Panettone with one slice
Last but not least, we now have bananas! You can order one or a few in bunches. There are also peeled ones in case your doll gets peckish.
Single banana is great for lunchboxes
Made to scale
Peeled banana with one bite taken off
Littlest Sweet Shop bananas. With skin or without. Whole or sliced
Banana slices in various sizes
Naru is happy that we finally have bananas for sale
Peeled bananas
Order more than 1 banana to have them bunched up together
So that's all for now. I really hope that there will be more sun so I can take photos of more new items like brioche and frozen yogurt. If you can't wait to discover the new items before it gets listed here, please follow us on social media to receive instant updates.

Christmas has been a busy time at our Etsy store and I am also developing new miniatures everyday even with the absence of daylight. Littlest Sweet Shop would love to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holidays!


Friday 24 November 2017

Commission Update: Carousel Cake and Candy

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Here is another order from a repeat client from America. She wanted the Carousel Cake in 1:12 scale and some sweets for her Candy Store. She also purchased some Lego bricks for her dolls to play with.
She has requested the cake in pastel colours so I made it in lavender and pink. Since the cake has to be scaled down to 1:12 scale, a few details from the original was not included but I am so glad she is satisfied with the cake!
Another order from a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America
1:12 Carousel Cake
Tiny Horse Cookies for the Carousel Cake
Gummy Bears in rainbow colours
Lego Bricks miniature
Marshmallow Mushrooms 
Rainbow Lollipop

Single Horse Carousel Cookie
That's all for today! Make sure you come back early next month to see all of the new items including bananas, jaw-breakers, onigiri and more! Keep up with us via our social media channels for a sneak peak.


Tuesday 14 November 2017

Commission Update

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We had another order from our favourite client from America. The chocolate bars are actually 1:12 scale and some of the items are also in 1:6 scale.
Another order for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. Mooncakes, canned goods, curly fries in takeaway container, Peanut Butter cups, and chocolate bars.
1:12 scale chocolate bars in 4 varieties. White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Milk
Sliced mooncake. Round pink design with chocolate filling
Various mooncakes
Various Canned goods from Littlest Groceries
So I am now back from my short holiday in London. I will be doing the Japanese Curry tutorial for our YouTube channel this week alongside creating new miniature food for Littlest Sweet Shop. Commissions are opened again until Christmas time where I will be taking another break.