Thursday 31 October 2019

Halloween at Littlest Sweet Shop

Happy Halloween Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

This year I made some Jack o'lanterns which are actually hollow and you can also learn how to make it on our YouTube channel. But of course you can always order them from our Dollhouse Minis menu and they come in any shape, size and even design!
Littlest Sweet Shop Jack o'lanterns
These miniature pumpkins make perfect decoration on the 1:12 scale dollhouse entrance
Kokomi-chan (1:12 scale) with a Jack o'lantern
There are also normal pumpkins which haven't been carved in our Fruits and Veg menu. Also available in any shape or size (and various colours too). 
Littlest Sweet Shop pumpkins
That's all for now. Hope you are having a great Halloween. Harumi is dressed as a nurse this year and we had a Halloween party in the dollhouse. She collected so much candy and insisted on counting them before bed.  
Halloween party at the dollhouse
Mix your miniatures with our own selection of hand-made models
Harumi managed to collect mostly Littlest Sweet Shop candy

Happy Halloween!

Monday 28 October 2019

Commission Update(s)

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

I did a few commissions this month and here are some of the highlights.

This one is rather special since I developed everything including the cup artwork. The tropical punch Slurpee was always my favourite from 7-Eleven so it was fun recreating it. The crushed ice looks real and wet! Pictures taken with other 1:6 scale Littlest Sweet Shop products. I'm also making more Slurpees in different colours to list on Etsy.  
1:6 scale 7-Eleven purchases. Slurpee is the tastiest beverage to cool you down always!
Vacuum-formed cup lid. Paper cup.
The next Littlest Sweet Shopper ordered a variety of fruits and cereal.
Oranges, peeled oranges, an apple and a bowl of cereal
The order included a small bowl of cereal (Fruit Loops) and a spoonful of cereal with milk as well. The bowl was also hand-made using clay and the spoon is a vintage Sindy miniature. It wasn't supposed to be in 1:6 scale but slightly smaller.
Very small bowl of milk with Fruit Loops. 
Maya is obviously too big to model the bowl of cereal with milk! However she was the only one available at that time. Look how dainty the spoon looks like in her hands.

Client also requested milk with the cereal on a spoon.
Last but not least an order of oranges in various styles. This is one of our best-selling fruits of all time and I'm glad many dolls get to enjoy it. 
Commissioned various styles of oranges
That's all for this evening. I'm currently working hard to stock up new items on Etsy so make sure you be the first to know once they go live! Each item is one of a kind so if they sell out, it might not be restocked! There will also be a special Halloween Youtube tutorial that I hope to upload before Halloween itself even though I'm very busy right now. I only have one commission to do before I go to Paris for holiday and hope to debut more new items soon.