Wednesday 22 October 2014

New in - Muffins, Lolita cake, 1/3 scale trifle and our Halloween party

Hey hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

So I was sick with a cold for more than 2 weeks (coughing all the way through the Book of Mormon) but I still managed to come up with some new items for the shop. 

Our first new item is a grand 3-tier cake fit for a lolita princess. The cake has a pearl sheen and decorated with bows, gold accents and heart macaron shells. This is by far the sweetest cake we have in the 'Cakes' menu
Angelic Pretty 3-tier cake
Details: Mint coloured bows, cherry heart macaron shells, gold pearls. Top tier is in a quilted pattern with gold beads.
Also new in are these delicious hot and fluffy muffins in 4 different varieties. We just started selling Hello Kitty chain coffee in our shop and muffins will entice any coffee lover. Muffins are now available in the 'Bakery' menu. Each muffin is modelled by hand and nestled in tulip paper liners.

Muffins and coffee
Chocolate muffins
Blueberry muffins
Cherry muffins
Chocolate chip muffins
Littlest Sweet Shop now serving delicious coffee from Hello Kitty. We have cappucino, latte, Americano, iced-coffee, fruit smoothies and espressos.
Another new item we have is for the 1/3 scale menu. This is a classic dessert called a trifle and features layers of cake, custard, jam and drowned in jelly/gelatine. Each trifle is topped with whipped cream to add an extra layer of creaminess to the dessert. 

These trifles are made from air-dry clay, air-dry cream, polymer clay, simulator dessert sauces and resin. You can see the details of each layer clearly through the dish.

Right: Lime jelly trifle with strraberry sauce and strawberries. Left: Strawberry jelly trifle with blueberry sauce and blueberries
Layers of spongecake, strawberry sauce, strawberries, custard and lime jelly. Topped with whipped cream and decorated with pastel sprinkles.
I've also made an update on our jelly/gelatine dessert in resin. They don't look as wobbly or gelatinous as the water simulator models (available only for clients in the UK) but still looks quite realistic. International clients can now see what a resin jelly model looks like and what they can expect.

Check out the differences for yourself in our 'Jelly' menu.
Resin strawberry and lime large gelatine dessert with lemon and strawberry slices. 
Another update is a Neapolitan ice cream wafer sandwich using an improved recipe. It was recently commissioned by a Littlest Sweet Shopper in the far east. I hope she likes it!

Neapolitan ice cream sandwich commission
Only 9 sleeps to go 'til Halloween night! Are you ready yet? We are having a party in the dining room of Puppen Haus and the girls are dressed in their cute (not scary) costumes.
Welcome to our Halloween party! Yuffie is a nurse, Akiko is a French maid, Maya is an air hostess and Naru is a policewoman
Scary treats for all of our dolly guests
Pumpkins, tombstones and a haunted (candy) house
We are serving up so many spooky sweets and candy
Maya is enjoying some slimy gummy worms
Yuffie is munching a ghost cookie that also glows in the dark
Naru is satisfying her sweet tooth with a yummy lollipop
"BRAINS!!!!" Akiko says before munching a yummy white chocolate treat

My special announcement in today's post is that I will be blogging for Sculpey in 2015! 
Sculpey is one of the leading brands of polymer clay (the main ingredient in our sweets) from America so I am truly honoured to join the Sculpey Design Squad. If you have been interested or curious on how Littlest Sweet Shop sweets are made - make sure you stay tuned! I will be contributing at least once a fortnight and there will be a big project consisting 4 miniature sweets with step-by-step instructions. 
Okay, that's all for now. Time to work on our Christmas goodies. Oh my how time flies!


Sunday 5 October 2014

New in - Marshmallow mushrooms, flumps and white strawberry shortcake

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I'm going to squeeze in a short update before my sniffles turn into a full blown cold. My body hasn't adapted to the dropping temperatures yet AND I have a ticket to watch the Book of Mormon on Wednesday (yikes!).

Anyway, here are some new and improved marshmallow sweets in the Sweets Boutique menu.

Spotted Marshmallow Mushrooms
Mushrooms remind me of autumn but this is available all year round. Our marshmallow products are made to look like real light and fluffy marshmallow. These are all samples and of course you can have your marshmallow mushroom dipped in chocolate or other colours.

Green and pink spotted marshmallow mushrooms
Marshmallow mushrooms dipped in pink icing
Yellow and blue spotted marshmallow mushrooms
I've also made a longer full-size marshmallow (small flumps available in pick'n mix) with 4 different colours on each piece. The variant is blue and green.

Full-size marshmallow flumps. Available in 2 colour combinations
Up-close green variant of the full size marshmallow flump
Makes a great snack! Why is this lunchbox only filled with sweets??????
Our last new item in the shop today is a variant of our best-selling Strawberry Shortcake slices. These ones are made from pretty pink White Strawberries and is now available in the Cakes menu.

I actually made these early this year for a client and probably forgot to list it in the menu because it was also the time when I was moving homes. 
Fresh cream sandwiched between slices of sponge-cake. A white strawberry slice on each side. Topped with a whole white strawberry and more white icing.

Maya and Akiko have been practising ballet religiously this past week because it is World Ballet Day on 1st Oct. I myself failed to do a proper pirouette due to a bad knee injury that happened months ago. 

The girls are looking like graceful ballerinas: 

Maya in first position
Akiko can successfully pirouette like a pro
Akiko and Maya have been learning ballet since they were 4 years old and Maya dreams of becoming a ballerina one day. 

That's all for today. See you again soon!