Tuesday 2 April 2013

Cupcake Couture

They are not new to the Littlest Sweet Shop but they are now listed in their own menu category! I have listed all individual cupcakes in the Cupcakes menu and described every detail possible. Each design is so unique and special that each one deserves it's own spotlight. I am hoping that the individual designs will make it easier for my clients to choose what they want.

You have the freedom to choose what cupcake liner you would like your cupcake to wear. You can even choose the icing and frosting colour if you wish! It's a great option when you want the miniatures to be in a specific colour scheme.

The home for my cupcakes - 2 level cake display by Megahouse (Japan).

The sun is finally out today! To celebrate here is a Spring-themed cake for your viewing pleasure. I will be updating the Cakes menu with this item very soon (hopefully this week) alongside several other new items across the menu. Happy Spring everybody!

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