Thursday 18 April 2013

Mid-week Update - other craft projects

Hi all,

I though I'd let you see the current progress of my HUGE 1/3 scale project and several other little crafts that I have been making. This weekend I'll make sure to update new arrivals in the Littlest Sweet Shop.

Current 1/3 WIP - from Pocky sticks to soft serve ice-cream, I want to make it all!

I just received another set of Tamiya modelling equipment from Japan. These are the materials that will be used exclusively for 1:3 miniatures. Tamiya Decoration Series is AMAZING and my collection of their tools and materials is always growing!

Some other small craft projects that I've completed recently:
Kite bookmark. Tutorial from Simply Stella

New design macaron fridge magnets

Butterfly Decoupage. This is my first decoupage but I don't think I'll be doing it again since pasting on the layers can be quite fiddly and a bit tedious. Worth it? What do you think?
I don't make beads (I never wear any) but I made this for a swap assignment. It looks all magical with a lovely sky blue quartz base and a lovely rainbow star pattern (initially it was supposed to be a flower)

Rose earrings

Vintage rose hat pin
Lollipop earring studs with antique bronze backing. Deliciously cute and sweet!
I don't own much stationary but I do try to get cute ones when I'm getting supplies. I made the marshmallow lollipop using air light clay and a shabby chic straw. The marshmallow looks really light, fluffy and real! Instant centerpiece to any pencil holder.
That's all for today. Stay tuned this weekend where I will be updating the menu with MORE new treats!

Happy weekend everyone!

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