Tuesday 25 April 2017

April New Arrivals: 1/3 Scale Cookies, Chocolate, Taiyaki and more

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We made so many new items this past month so we decided to split it up into 2 parts. The first part for today is the release of 1:3 scale food and next month in May we will debut the rest of the 1:6 scale miniatures.

Orders for 1:3 scale food makes up almost 15% of our business so we wanted to add some new items to the menu to give more variety for clients with 1:3 scale dolls such as Smart Doll, BJD, Dolfie Dream and more.
New food in 1:3 scale
First item is an updated Pretzel. This one is a salted pretzel made for a client with a new and improved formula. You can also order it plain or coated with any sauce (chocolate, strawberry) or even dipped in toppings!
1:3 scale Salted Pretzel
Next is for 1:3 scale dolls with a sweet tooth. These Chocolate Molded Swirls also come in 1:6 and 1:12 scale.
1:3 scale Chocolate Molded Swirls in milk and dark chocolate
Taiyaki is a Japanese type of molded pastry filled with anko (red bean paste). Now there's a version for 1:4 scale (mini 1:3 scale Taiyaki)
1:4 scale Taiyaki. Fish pattern on both sides
Mini chocolate biscuits looks like small Bourbon biscuit. Another mini biscuit is the butter Danish biscuits also new to the 1:3 scale menu.
1:3 Mini chocolate biscuits
1:3 Mini Danish cookies
If your doll wants a biscuit with a bigger crunch, then try our new Cream sandwich biscuits which are 2 biscuits with a cream center. The biscuits can come in any flavour and so can the cream. Just choose your favourtite - chocolate biscuit with vanilla cream or biscuit with lemon cream?
1:3 scale Chocolate, vanilla and mint green biscuit creams
Strawberry, lemon and vanilla creamy center
There is also the new Liège waffles for a more substantial snacking. Comes in plain or one side coated in chocolate. Just like our miniature version, these waffles are a perfect 3D replica with waffle patterns on both sides.
1:3 scale Liège waffles
Last but not least, we are also offering our Litlest Sweet Shop groceries in 1:3 scale. Our illustrator came out with the designs for the boxes so we can also make them in any size we like.
Littlest Sweet Shop cereal and snack packaging in 1:3 scale. Commissioned by client
And that's not all! For every LSS Groceries which comes with loose pieces, it is also available in 1:3 scale
Littlest Sweet Shop groceries come in both English and Japanese copy. This 1:3 box version is completed with a bowl of cereal with milk by Littlest Sweet Shop. Commissioned by client
Close-up miniature cereal in tropical colours. Each piece has been textured to look like the real thing. White plastic bowl is handmade by us using vacuum forming technique
That wraps up all of our new 1:3 scale arrivals. Please stay tuned for the new miniature arrivals in May. I think we have more than 10 different types of new miniatures to debut so it is going to be a BIG one before Littlest Sweet Shop closes temporarily in June (whilst I am on holiday in Japan for the whole month).


Saturday 22 April 2017

Commission update

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Just an update on a recent commission for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in Singapore. She ordered everything in pairs because she will turn them into earrings! How cute! She even requested popcorn pieces in 1/2 scale and since everything we make here is bespoke, that is possible.
Littlest Sweet Shop commission. 1/6 scale cherry pie slice, waffles with butter, sunny side up eggs, cherry cupcakes, sausage rolls and small box of popcorn
Close-up pie and 1/2 scale popcorn pieces
I used the new silicone whipped cream to create a delicious looking cupcake!!
Box was designed and handmade by me and filled with popcorn pieces that was glued on as client doesn't want them loose
That's all for tonight. Sorry for the delay in updating the shop with new arrivals. The new arrivals will hopefully debut next week for April and May new arrivals. Reason being is because I am taking my summer vacation early this year and it starts in May where I will be gone for 2 weeks in Norway. I will also be in Japan for a month in June so the next new arrivals are going to be the last one until I come back and open shop again in July! You can still send a commission request via the online form and I will still get back to you with prices and estimated time of arrival.

See you again next week. Have a great weekend, BYE!

Thursday 13 April 2017

New Easter Arrivals

Happy Easter Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Today I am listing just the Easter items I have made recently since tomorrow is already Good Friday. I will be listing all the other new arrivals for April next week since I'm currently doing 2 commissions and sorting out a new video tutorial so it has been pretty hectic.

This is a second sculpt I made for Easter bunny chocolate and it actually sits properly balanced upright! They come in dark and milk chocolate plus pretty pastel colours. There are more details in the fur and it is a big chocolate bunny so you can have it as a centrepiece or as the big prize for an Easter Egg Hunt. It will also look cute in a basket surrounded with other Easter candy.
Pastel Easter Bunnies
Dark and milk chocolate Easter bunnies
That's all for today. Remember that you can now buy the exclusive sets at Tiny Frock Shop and stay with us on social media for everyday updates.

Have a great Easter weekend and Good-bye!

Monday 10 April 2017

Tilda Circus Blog Hop

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers 

If you have been following my 1/6 scale dollhouse adventures, you would have noticed that the interior decoration and furniture upholstery are made using Tilda products. I had even made a dress for the dolls using Tilda fabric (just make sure it is one of their smaller prints to suit the scale). Tilda is a Norwegian brand which makes lovely fabrics, paper pads, craft items, and more. The prints are so girly and kitsch so naturally it fits in with the Littlest Sweet Shop world. 
I received the new Tilda Circus fabric range to play with and made a few items for the girls. The new fabric range is so colourful and reminds me of festivals in summertime. I decided to make some teepees for Harumi (Ruruko doll) so she could play in the garden with teepee tents to keep all her favourite toys.
1/6 Scale Teepee using Tilda Circus fabric
The prints are a bit more quirky than usual and beautifully matched with colourful bunting and rainbow colours. The sweet and cheery prints can definitely brighten up the day.
Tilda Circus teepee with Littlest Sweet Shop carousel cake
Harumi playing in the garden with her toys. If it gets too hot she will listen to the radio inside the teepee
Tilda's signature vintage floral prints is so sweet and my favourite print from this collection
I also made a new blanket for the bed in the dollhouse. This is Akiko's room and since she is a ballerina, she loved the new print with a ballerina doing an arabesque on pointe on an elephant!! It is so Bohemian and at the same time the print is made in a gorgeous vintage blue so it matched all of the current Tilda wallpaper and curtains in the bedroom.
Tilda Circus print made into a blanket
Matching Tilda's Corner Shop collection wallpaper and blinds
It is such a fun print so I also added pink pom poms to the sides. I had to hand-sew it on (took ages!) but I am so happy how it turned out.
Pink pompoms completes the quirky Circus-themed blanket
If this is your first time visiting Littlest Sweet Shop for the blog hop, check out the other Tilda materials that I used for the dollhouse. You can frame up illustrations provided in Tilda paper pads and use the cardstock as dollhouse wallpaper. Even the sofa is made from Tilda fabric!
Living room with Tilda upholstery and wallpaper. Did you spot the new potted plant? Also made by me using polymer clay
Tilda fabric used for the bay window seat and Tilda wallpaper. Picture frame with Tilda art
Hope you enjoyed that small update from the dollhouse. Join us again in the next few days as we bring you all of the new products for April including some new Easter bunny chocolates.


Wednesday 5 April 2017

Coming soon to Tiny Frock Shop - Exclusive Littlest Sweet Shop sets

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers! 

We are happy to announce that we shipped out new sets of miniatures to America that will be exclusively sold and distributed by Tiny Frock Shop. These sets will be available online soon but here is a sneak peak of all the upcoming new sets. Make sure to follow Tiny Frock Shop on their social media channels to find out when they will be released since they are extremely rare and limited (only 1 set each). We will also make the announcement on our own social media channels so if you have an eye on something, stay tuned!

Sweet Treats Collection:

3 Fruit Heart Lollipops
1 Pink and white swirl lollipop
4 Belgian waffles
1 Ice cream sundae in wafer bowl
1 Ice cream soft serve (with wire stand included)
3 Churros
1 Lime snow cone
2 plain waffles
3 Littlest Sweet Shop snacks
1 Candy Bar in Strawberry milk and chocolate marble
2 Pretzels
1 Pink and rainbow sprinkles popsicle with a bite take out
Sweet Treats Collection

Bakery Shop:

1 Handmade Box
1 Baguette
1 broken piece Baguette
2 Rainbow bagels
1 Poppy Seed bun
3 Medium sized Bread loaf
3 Various pretzels
4 Doughnuts
1 Handmade Box
Bakery Shop

Littlest Sweet Shop Starter Set

1 Spring floral cake
1 Christmas Macaron cake
1 Pack of chocolate sweets
1 small chocolate bar
1 Bundt Cake with Chocolate drizzle
2 Fruit Heart shaped lollipops
1 Chocolate Roll cake
1 Ombre Cupcake
1 Mince Pie
4 Viennese Whirls
2 Lettuce
1 Sliced whole apple
1 Half grapefruit
5 slices of oranges
1 Mont Blanc
Littlest Sweet Shop Starter Set
Includes a selection of Fruits
A selection of our famous treats and Seasonal items
Includes everthing in the photo

Valentine's Day Collection

1 Heart Charlotte cake
1 Heart shaped berry tarte
2 Candy Bars (strawberry milk & dark chocolate and strawberry)
1 Pack of chocolate candy
2 Heart chocolate lollipops
1 Heart Box of chocolates (incomplete)
1 Bow sugar cookie
4 Heart pound cake slices (2 sealed in packaging)
Valentine's Day Collection
Close-up views

English Tea Biscuits

1 Fruit Tart
6 Scones (some sliced, some with jam and clotted cream sandwich)
7 Viennese Whirls jam sandwiches
10 Viennese Whirls with candy in the middle
9 Rich Tea Biscuits
5 Viennese Whirls
1 Handmade Box
English  Tea Biscuits

Fancy Tea Party 

1 4-Layer Victorian Sponge Cake with strawberry slices
4 Mont Blancs
1 Strawberry Shortcake
2 Ispahans
3 Danish Pastries
2 Pink Meringue Nests
1 Pink Ribbon Jelly
1 Checkered Cake with slice
4 Heart pond cake slices
6 Viennese Whirls with candy in the middle
1 Small strawberry tart
Fancy Tea Party
Ispahan with handmade raspberries

Plenty of sweet treats in this collection

Easter  (SOLD OUT)

4 Chocolate Bunnies (2 dark chocolate and 2 milk chocolate)
1 Simnell Cake
2 Easter Egg sugar biscuit lollipops
7 Hand Painted Eggs
3 Marshmallow Peeps
1 Caterpillar Sugar cookie
1 Pound cake with a slice
Easter collection


1 Candelabra
1 Chocolate house centerpiece
1 Jack o'Lantern Pie
1 Halloween Bundt Cake
1 Pack Chocolates
1 Chocolate marbled candy bar
2 Halloween Pound Cake with 6 slices
20 over Spiderweb mints
Halloween collection
Close-up view
That is all for today. Be sure to visit Littlest Sweet Shop on Monday for a special blog post about the new Tilda Circus fabric range!