Wednesday 23 September 2020

Littlest Sweet Shop kitchen appliance debut - Nespresso machine

Hey guys!

I haven't written any entries for a while now. I've been busy with updating the new website, storefront, Etsy and developing new miniatures as well. I still haven't gotten the hang of juggling work and social media AND being a full-time housewife. 

Being away from blogging also means that my website is finally 90% complete (yay) and still able to produce Youtube tutorials as a way to encourage younger Littlest Sweet Shoppers to get into modelling miniatures. 

But today is a very significant time for me because it is the day that I am launching Littlest Sweet Shop's kitchen appliances! After 8 years I thought it would be nice to expand the range outside just food (but still keeping with a similar theme) and with the help of my husband who does 3D modelling in the computer, I can finally do this!

Presenting - the compact espresso machine in 1:6 scale!

These machines have been 3D modelled by my husband using the Nespresso machine as his reference so we can produce a perfectly scaled down model for dolly owners. 1:6 scale has always been a niche scale with kid's brands dominating most of the market. I thought it would be nice to bring a product into the 1:6 scale hobby for adult collectors for a change. The 1:12 scale market already has almost everything you can think of shrunken down to fit the size. 

The machines were 3D printed in resin and air-brush painted. Smaller details such as the raised buttons have been hand-painted. The handle (which works as the mechanism to create the espresso), capsule tray, water tank lid and coffee outlet are removable for extra play value. 

Since everything has been modelled based on the real thing, there are a lot of really cool details like the side vents, brand embossing and even perfectly formed tiny holes on the capsule tray. The handle has also been designed to fit in nicely into the machine so you can change the position over and over again.

Of course we also made the coffee capsules for the machines. The pods have been 3D modelled and printed in resin. These extremely tiny parts are airbrushed in gold and the tops are hand-painted in silver giving it the foil lid effect. 

We have also made espresso cups to capture all of that lovely coffee which will drip from the outlet. They are 3D modelled based on a real espresso cup, scaled down and printed in resin. Each cup is hand-painted in enamel paint. You can order empty cups or filled with really dark coffee! 

I also made some miniature almond biscotti to go with the coffee itself. They have the same crusty and hard texture like the real thing! Each biscotti has a generous amount of almonds and since each piece is hand-made, they are all unique. Make sure you have subscribed to my Youtube channel because I will be uploading the Biscotti tutorial by this weekend. 

Hope you enjoyed the debut of this small coffee machine. Me and my husband definitely plan to make more appliances in the future but for now this machine is available on Etsy. 

There is still so much to update such as a new 1:12 scale shop, new 1:12 scale dolls and even a new 1:6 scale diorama (featured in this post). But I will blog about that some other day :)