Tuesday 12 November 2019

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

I'd like to announce that the Christmas store is now open! Just visit our Etsy page:
New and exclusive items in the Etsy store includes new 1:6 scale Gingerbread Houses - each unique and one-of-a-kind. They are all maxed out in luxurious toppings and decorations. Everything was hand-made to create tasty perfection in playscale (suitable for fashion dolls such as Barbie).
2019 Littlest Sweet Shop Gingerbread Houses
Each house is fully decked not just on the front but also on the sides and at the back. Each detail such as Japanese style sprinkles and pole candy has been meticulously recreated to add realism.
Harumi-chan with her favourite Ice Cream House. A pastel and kawaii favourite
This is the Cabin Gingerbread House. It's a more traditional style candy house with red and white candy. The roof shingles are Necco Wafers which is a type of candy used in Gingerbread House making in America.
Cabin Gingerbread House. Trimmed with whipped cream and Christmas candy. Sits on top of a giant biscuit sandwich. Decorated with Japanese sprinkles, a mini Xmas wreath and peppermint candy
Chocolate bar windows and more peppermint candy. Red and green pole candy to keep it in holiday mood
Roof shingles using Necco wafers. Crowned with red and green gummy candies
Chocolate log house. Sits on top of a layer of chocolate cake and decorated with candy and cookies
Biscuit shingle roof. Crowned with icing, strawberry chocolates and chocolate balls
Tiny cookie windows and rainbow pole candy accents
Rainbow-theme classic Gingerbread House. Pink wafer door. Glittery green base. Trimmed with whipped cream and lace on the front of the roof
Chimney decorated with frosting and super tiny pieces of rainbow candy
6 colour rainbow candy tiled roof. Traditional icing decoration on sides
Candy 'Stained glass' window, chocolate windows, Japanese sprinkles along the roof
Super tiny rainbow candy in a row. All houses are made using our finest Gingerbread recipe
Ice cream house. Pink wafer house decorated in royal icing and candy. Sits on top of a cookie sandwich with scoops of pastel ice cream. A cute bow on the door and a biscuit tart on top
Marshmallow flump crowns this pastel house and over 400 rainbow sprinkles on the roof
Decorated with pastel pole candy, white chocolate bar windows and pastel marshmallow sweets
The Christmas store restocked best-sellers such as 1:12 scale donuts and the all popular packaged Twinkie. There are also exclusive Christmas miniature food for your dolls. Make sure to stock up now before the Christmas rush. I'm going to Paris this Friday and all orders after that will be shipped next Thursday 21st November. Hope you will order quickly especially if you are in America as Littlest Sweet Shop is located in the UK.