Tuesday 24 July 2018

New arrivals for July - An all new food menu 'Carnival Foods'

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's been a while, hasn't it? I came back from holiday in June but I have been busy all summer building the dollhouse I started last September in 2017! We have been blessed with a good summer which means dry and warm weather ideal for wood-working. I have spent hours sanding bits almost everyday outside in the garden since I do not want to do it in my room/studio.

In between waiting for glue/paint to dry (literally), I managed to make some miniatures which is ideal for this hot summer weather. Here is our new collection for the month including an all new category 'Carnival Foods'.
New arrivals July 2018
Carnival Foods include updated cotton candy and snow cones (previously listed in the Ice Cream menu) along with some new miniatures. They are the type of food that you have at theme parks, matsuri (Japanese festival) or fetes. 
Kakigōri (かき氷) is a Japanese shaved ice dessert that is commonly sold in the summertime. Ours is made using a paper cup with graphic which is similar to the original. There can be other toppings and even condensed milk added to this dessert but we kept ours simple which is like the ones commonly sold at the beach in Japan. The shaved ice has been made using our own recipe to make it look like it has tiny crystals all over and topped with a generous amount of syrup. 
Kakigōri (かき氷) by Littlest Sweet Shop
Starts with our own recipe to make 'ice'. Unlike the real one this won't melt!
Strawberry (red) and Lemon (yellow) flavours. We make any flavour that you want!
Rainbow Kakigōri (かき氷)
Since we had some shaved ice to spare, why not make the western version which comes in a dinky cone-shaped paper cup? We made snow cones before but this is the updated version with real paper cup and realistic looking ice.
Littlest Sweet Shop's updated snow cones
It's the perfect size for your 1:6 scale doll. Akiko choose the grape (purple) flavoured snow cone
Has a realistic looking texture and surface like the real icy treat
Candy coated bananas are not only yummy, they also look so cute! We can also make a bespoke holder for your candy coated bananas to display at a fair.
Littlest Sweet Shop's candy coated bananas
They are so cute which is why the girls are so excited to have them
Chocolate coated banana with peanuts
Caramel coated banana
Strawberry milk banana with rainbow sprinkles
Our cotton candy range is now bigger than ever! There are bright colours and there are pastel colours. We even made a rainbow version which has 5 different colours! If your dolls prefer to buy a bag of cotton candy instead to bring back with them, we even have that too!
Cotton candy in bag. Sealed so that the dolls can take it home with them
Bright colours. We can even make this stand for you
Pastel colours
So many different types and flavours, Yuffie and Maya can't decide which one they want
A very special pastel rainbow cotton candy. Matches Maya's fairy kei outfit
There are also some new doughnuts which have been added to the menu. A doughnut is covered in very light pink sugar icing and topped with rainbow sprinkles.
New doughnuts. Light pink with rainbow sprinkles on top
Last but not least, teacups are now available in the Tableware menu. This is the first time that I am using a 3 part mold with resin so it was slightly tricky to get right. These ones are painted but as usual, you can order yours in any colour. 
Hand-painted miniature teacups
That's it for now. The dollhouse is 90% completed so I should be able to get it done before summer is over. I will be so relieved to have finally finish this big project since it isn't easy to do wood-work and polymer clay modelling in the same room. I will definitely be coming back with more new items once the new dollhouse is fully built. This dollhouse that I am currently building also happens to be one of the toughest dollhouses to build. I didn't know this until I met so many problems and tried looking for solutions online. I probably also wasted a lot of time going back to fix mistakes (due to the vague instructions with no guided illustrations) which makes this project even more frustrating! 

Littlest Sweet Shop has also a new doll joining the team. Unlike the previous dolls, she is 1:12 scale which is almost half the size of Maya! I have made so many 1:12 scale items (the most popular miniature scale) in the past but never really had a model to show it off. I usually use my fingers to show how tiny my 1:12 scale works are but I don't really want to since I naturally have quite small fingers - so I guess they don't look as small as they should?

Anyway Kokomi (the new 1:12 doll) will be helping me out next month to display some new miniatures and it will also be her debut so keep visiting this website to know more.