Saturday 27 May 2017

Pie Slice Recipe

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Here is a new video tutorial that shows you how I make a miniature slice of pie. This is just the basics and of course you can adapt it to make other pie varieties and flavours. If you want to do a lattice pie slice, you will need to weave some strips and cut out a circle. Then cut out a sector (same size as the base) to use. A new video next week will teach you how to make the pastry lattice from clay.
Here are some additional tips that wasn't included in the video:
  • Gloss the filling (cherry) after baking with a polymer clay gloss. I personally like using Fimo's gloss varnish which is thin (which is good when you are making items in a small scale) and gives a great shine.
  • You should use polymer clay in this project as you will need to bake the Fimo liquid.
  • Colour the surface with alcohol inks (like in the Mont Blanc recipe) for a richer colour and more realistic effect. It also adds a semi-gloss to the surface as well. 
  • Texture all edges by stabbing it using a needle (the part where the knife has cut through the 'pie pastry'). This is vital for realism.  
I am much faster in editing videos since the first time so I will queue up videos to publish when I am away in Japan for the whole month of June. Make sure to subsribe to the channel for more video updates.


Friday 26 May 2017

New arrivals for May and June - Crêpe cakes, Frasvåfflor, realistic soft-serve ice cream, and more!

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

As promised here are all of the new arrivals for May and June. Since I am away in Japan for the whole month of June, orders will only be taken on the last week of June. However I will still have access to my e-mail so do send an order request for commission prices beforehand.
May and June new arrivals
I'm so glad that I was able to spend 2 weeks in Norway before listing these waffles as I found out that they are actually called 'frasvåfflor'. Turns out that they are the type of waffles people make in Scandavania.
Frasvåfflor by Littlest Sweet Shop
A whole waffle is made up of 5 little dinky heart shaped waffles so you have the option of ordering it whole or in individual pieces! Since it is a very small sized waffle, you could also apply it in 1:12 scale scenes.
Frasvåfflor in different colours
Frasvåfflor in multiple colours
Pieces of frasvåfflor in various colours. Perfect for snacking!
Since they work like any kind of waffle (only cuter!), you can also have it with whipped cream and fruits. We even offer 2 frasvåfflors sandwiched together with a thick and creamy filling.
Chocolate frasvåfflor with whipped cream and strawberry
Frasvåfflor sandwiches with a thick and creamy filling
Summer is approaching fast so it is time for an ice cream update. The new vanilla soft-serve on a cake cone looks very delicious because of how real it looks! Just mention silicone version when ordering this ice cream. 
Vanilla soft-serve ice cream (silicone version). Looks creamy and wet!
Perfect fit for any 1:6 scale doll
The next ice cream update is for one of our ice cream sandwiches. This time the biscuit has a more detailed pattern and the ice cream filling itself looks like real frozen cream.
Ice cream biscuit sandwiches. Chocolate biscuit with vanilla ice cream and biscuit with strawberry ice cream
Pretzels have also been updated in our Bread menu. You can order a few and hang them up like in the bakery shops.
Salted pretzel with realistic looking large salt crystals
Chocolate and rainbow candy pretzels
The next big update is our pie selection. I am constantly trying to improve the realism of all the miniature food and I think this is my 4th attempt on making pies. As a bonus treat, there will be a YouTube video tutorial out this weekend that will show you how it was made! Make sure you have already subscribed to our channel so you won't miss it.  
Littlest Sweet Shop pies. You can order whole pies or just slices of pies
Slice of apple pie
Slices of Blueberry and Cherry pie in lattice design
Chocolate cream and strawberry cream pie slice
Lemon meringue pie slice
Whole pies are offered in covered or lattice design
Next we have something which is totally new to the Cakes menu. Crêpe cake is the latest cake trend and it is literally stacks of crêpe with some frosting between the crêpes. We cover the sides by frosting it with icing and dry topping. There are 3 types of crêpe cake slices available here at Littlest Sweet Shop.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Crêpe Cakes
Rainbow crêpe cake slice.18 layers of rainbow coloured crêpe. Frosted with pearl icing and rainbow candy sprinkles
Pastel crêpe cake slices. 16 layer of pastel coloured crêpe (baby blue, pink, mint, and lilac). Frosted sides in pink icing and dessicated coconut
Slices of chocolate crêpe cake. 10 layers of chocolate crêpe. Sides coated in chocolate and chopped nuts. Garnished with light cream frosting on top
Another new addition to our cupcake line up is another product that was made using the same material as the realistic vanilla soft-serve ice cream. You can order this cupcake with any topping you like. 
Whipped cream cupcake(silicone version) with strawberry.
These new dough balls is the perfect side or starter to your pizza meal. They are tiny balls of pizza dough that come in plain or with cheese.
Plain dough balls. Cheese and herbs dough balls
Cheese and herb dough balls is the perfect side to your miniature pizza
Cream biscuits are wonderful for tea time or snacking and we made ours in so many colours!
Littlest Sweet Shop's cream biscuits
Another new type of cream biscuit is the rainbow ice box cookie sandwiched with a thick and creamy center. 
Rainbow cream biscuits
If you are looking for something more plain for tea, you can also order our crackers. They are even small enough to fit 1:12 scale!
Size reference for 1:12 scale cracker
3 small Littlest Sweet Shop crackers with tea
Since the launch of our Littlest Sweet Shop groceries, I have been making loose pieces for each originally designed packaging so you can have more fun with it. You can now order all of the individual Pokky sticks to complete your Pokky box. Each box can fit 12 sticks.
Strawberry Pokky sticks, Chocolate Pokky sticks, Banana Pokky sticks
Maya loves the chocolate coated biscuit stick.
Last but not least, here is an updated version of our popcorn. It even looks more realistic than ever before! You can order it in small or large sizes. The box is designed by us and included as well!
Littlest Sweet Shop buttered popcorn. Perfect for the movies
So that is all the new arrivals for May and June. Japan will be interesting since I will be getting some new tools and materials from there and make even more new miniatures! Stay tuned this weekend as I will be revealing the pie tutorial video.

Have a nice day! Bye!

Monday 22 May 2017

Mont Blanc Recipe

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I have finally done it! There is now a Littlest Sweet Shop YouTube channel! Video editing was quite a learning curve for me since it is the first time I've ever done it. It took 2 days to edit so I really hope you appreciate it and please subscribe and like the video (to encourage me to make more!).

For a complete list of tools and materials, please check out our recipes menu. You can purchase the materials and tools from La Petite Épicerie and they deliver worldwide! Here are some additional tips for the video:
  • You can use air-dry clay or polymer clay for the pastry and icing. I recommend polymer clay to make the chestnut and other mini decorative toppings as it is much more dense
  • I always work on a piece of clean tile. You can use it as a palette and fire it up in an oven. Tiles are easy to clean so it doesn't matter what sorta gunk dries up on it, you can easily scrape it off
  • Always give air-dry cream at least 48 hours to set (even smaller pieces)
  • Don't worry if it seems like I'm modelling super fast. A lot of the process is actually very slow so you are seeing a fast-forwarded version in the video (so that viewers don't get bored!)
  • Oyumaru is a mold maker brand from Japan that I have been using since I first started. It is brilliant because you can keep re-using it over and over again! Just put it in hot water to re-melt
  • Handle the clay with a light touch so that you don't distort the shape. This may take a lot of practise and experience but as long as you have the patience to learn, you can do it! 
Rainbow pastel Mont Blanc. Tutorial exclusively on Instagram
Original Mont Blanc design
Raspberry Mont Blanc. Use pink clay and just add raspberry instead of chestnut
Of course if you would rather order these desserts from us, it is now available in our French Pastries menu. I am off to Japan next week but will be listing all of our new arrivals before I go so please stay tuned!


Friday 19 May 2017

Commission updates

Hej Hej Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I just came back from Norway and wanted to show you our latest commissions which have been received by our clients. These miniatures were ordered by a Littlest Sweet Shop customer from America and it is her 3rd commission!! I am extra happy when we get repeat customers because it means that they have been pleased with our quality products. Don't be surprised if you see some new items in her order which we haven't listed on our website yet. I will try to debut them before I leave for Japan.
3rd order for Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. Prawn salad, pastel crêpe cake, rainbow chards, BLT sandwich (cut into 2), 3 pie slices, 2 pizza slices, grapefruit segments, rainbow Frasvåfflor (Norwegian waffle), and 1:12 scale pretzel dogs
1:12 scale Pretzel dogs are super tiny!!
Slice of 4 cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza
Strawberry cream, lemon meringue, and Chocolate cream pie slices (not listed yet)
Prawn salad with take-away bowl, pastel rainbow crêpe cake slice (not listed yet) and rainbow chards
BLT sandwich cut into 2 pieces
We also got another repeat customer from the UK and she usually orders food in 1:3 scale for her BJD dolls. This time she ordered one of our exclusive cereal and snack packaging! 
Commission for UK Littlest Sweet Shopper. Prawn crackers snack, Fruity Loops cereal box, Fruity Loops cereal with milk in bowl, salted pretzel, mini Taiyaki and 2 Pocky sticks (chocolate and strawberry)
That's the commission update. I am planning to launch our own YouTube channel very soon so please make sure to come back this weekend!