Tuesday 30 December 2014

Christmas at the Littlest Sweet Shop

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe the year is almost over! This is the last entry for 2014. It has been a good year although the shop was closed throughout Spring and Summer when I had to move to a new house. Despite that - many new achievements were unlocked and I feel so blessed.

2015 will be an interesting year for Littlest Sweet Shop so make sure you visit regularly. I will be blogging for Sculpey and creating a tutorial for them in the month of July. I'm also currently developing a kawaii accessories line and some new Animal Doughnut characters will debut in the new year.

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For now, here are some Christmas scenes in 1/6 scale miniature to finish off 2014.

Christmas dessert spread
I made the crackers

Christmas baking at the sweet shop
Naru mixing some icing
Presents under the tree
Festive greetings from Littlest Sweet Shop
Merry Christmas from Maya and Yuffie <3
2014 was also made awesome by our clients, The Quarto Group, my family and all Littlest Sweet Shoppers. Thank you for keeping our little shop alive ;)

See you in 2015!! Have a happy new year!!

Saturday 13 December 2014

New in: Christmas 2014 Collection

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Finally it's here! The new 2014 Christmas collection - including some upgrades on previous items. Find it all here in the Seasonal menu.

I have to apologise for the delay. I know it's too late to commission any of these but the ones here are currently in stock and will be sold on a first come first serve basis (while stocks last). If you are interested in purchasing them, please send me a direct message (my email address available on the FAQ). 

So our first new item for 2014 are these deluxe (upgraded) Gingerbread Houses. Why deluxe? I decided to make them bigger and better with more details! It just makes a very cute centrepiece for any Christmas party and the perfect decoration to make a home/diorama more festive. 

The size of the base is 5cm x 5cm and the height is around 5 cm tall. A good size to feed quite a number of dolls!

This Gingerbread house has a pink wafer door and rainbow roof shingles. Gingerbread men and candy canes not included with any Gingerbread houses
Chimney tips are swept with powdered sugar (and can be used to stash candy cane)
Hand-painted traditional design on the side of the houses. You can opt for 3 or 5 different coloured sweets for the roof shingles. The green glittered base is a yummy fondant which is also the house foundation 
The back of the houses have different designs. 2nd from the left is adorned with cute biscuits and 3rd from the left is decorated with pastel marshmallows
Some sugar cookies here have been re-done with a more traditional and realistic effect. These are timeless so you can use them every year! 

Snowmen cookies. Scarf and multicolour button detailing with coal eyes and mouth and carrot nose
Gingerbread men cookies. Couldn't decide to do eyes in white or black but you can choose whatever you prefer
Stoking cookie which can be personalised with the first letter of your doll's name. This makes super cool personalisation!
Christmas tree cookies in different styles
Some new and old sweets:

Winter green and red candy canes
Pink candy canes
Snowflake mints
Christmas tree candy cane
Xmas lollipops in winter green and red colours
Chocolate xmas pudding treats
Since Christmas is a big holiday, I thought I'd create bigger centrepieces. Here is a cute Christmas tree that can stand up in the middle of a banquet.

Last but not least, another big centrepiece in the form of chocolate! This whole sleigh has been handmade from chocolate and hand-painted with white chocolate. I will include at least 8 different presents in various colours that you can arrange on the sleigh. They are tiny cakes in the shape of presents! How Christmassy is that?

Little cakes in the form of presents included

Phew! That wraps it up for the 2014 Christmas collection. I actually plan to do more Christmas themed treats but I think they can wait for 2015 ;)

Come back next time to check out a Littlest Sweet Shop Christmas featuring Maya, Naru, Akiko and Yuffie. Enjoy the holidays :D

Bye for now ^_^

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Commission news

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers! ^_^

Here's another quick update before the big reveal of Littlest Sweet Shop Christmas 2014 collection. All of these items are currently travelling to a lovely Swiss Littlest Sweet Shopper. Her dolls are going to have a fantastic Christmas with all of these treats so let's all hope it reaches her safely (and before Xmas!)
Recent commission. Everything on the table has been hand-made from scratch including boxes
If you see something that has not been listed in the menu - don't worry! It will debut together with all Christmas items ;)

Some close-ups of the recent work
Spring Cake Slice
Animal Doughnuts
Comes with a box ^-^
Japanese crêpe with strawberry slices and chocolate sauce

Christmas sweets and treats
Christmas pudding with brandy butter. Get your dolls to flambé the pud just before serving
OK, that's all for now. Make sure to hang around the sweet shop this weekend for more new items! It's a BIG one :D


Saturday 6 December 2014

MORE Animal Doughnuts!!

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here's a short update since I can't debut new Christmas items yet. It's been a VERY busy November since my mum was staying over and we went to Manchester to visit relatives. I had quite a lot of commissions to complete as well and this one client from America has requested the whole set of Animal Doughnuts but for Lati Yellow doll (roughly 1/12 scale or I view them as the children of the 1/6 world).

Animal Doughnuts commission in custom size
Since I had to make these for a smaller scale dolls, I reduced the size around 30% and as you can see, even more tiny than a penny! These are the smallest Animal Doughnuts that I can offer as it's actually harder to make when the size is down-scaled. 

Size of custom size pig Animal Doughnut

One of the client's request was to have a Pikachu Animal Doughnut to replace the panda design. Isn't he just cute?
Pikachu Animal Doughnut. To debut VERY soon 
Chicken and Chick Animal Doughnuts
As a free gift, I offered the client 2 of these doughnut boxes so her dolls can keep them away safely when it isn't tea time yet.
Commission plus box free gift
Hopefully I will be back next week with many new items. Sorry again for the delay for the new Christmas items but it will be worth the wait ;)


Thursday 20 November 2014

Kawaii Box Giveaway

Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Remember my review of the Kawaii Box service last week? Want to win a box of kawaii goodness for yourself?

Enter now for a chance to kawaii-fy your own world ^_^

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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Kawaii Box review


Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Today's post is all about Kawaii Box. Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.

Before we check out the items in my Kawaii Box, let me show you how much I love my kawaii world. It's not a big surprise that Japanese culture and anything kawaii (literally means cute in Japanese) is a big inspiration for Littlest Sweet Shop. I love clashing my Sanrio items (and I only get the original My Melody items from Japan) with my favourite English and Scandinavian decorative items like GreenGate, Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and Tilda. Check out the shelf in my studio/room:
I keep most of my tools in kawaii tin boxes (and display the Tamiya decoration series) and the rest are stationary and various knick-knacks
The best part about the Kawaii Box service is that it arrived at my home in England in less than a week! I was so thrilled to receive it so quickly. It was fun opening the package since you don't know what you will get and each month will be another new surprise! Here is my box for the month of November:
My Melody socks, Mini Calendar, 'OMG' key-chain, Pocky sticks, Mini notes, Macaron deco squishy, Zipper bracelet, Panda stickers, Kitty plush key-chain and lace tape
I was most delighted to receive this pair of My Melody socks. My only concern is that it looked a bit small for my feet (I have LONG feet T_T). For now it will be sitting in the sock drawer with my other favourite socks.

My collection of stickers has grown with the addition of this cute black and white Puffy Panda stickers. 2 rows of the panda stickers looked like it was doing a Piroutte which I found to be really sweet and precious.

The lace tape is brilliant for cardmaking and scrapbooking. I made a birthday card for a friend in just minutes using this tape and some puffy stickers.

The people at Kawaii Box were quite thoughtful about what to include in each Kawaii Box. This practical 2015 Calendar will sit by my window. It's in a shape of a cute sheep which reminds me of my favourite puppet / stuffed animal called Lambchop. Unlike almost everybody who uses a smartphone (I don't even own one), I actually prefer using physical calendars that I can write/mark on. 

Every month the Little Sheep makes a different expression and the best part is that it starts with November 2014 so I can start using it right away! Thank you for being so thoughtful Kawaii Box people :D

The Macaron deco squishy can be attached to anything - phone, keys, bags and the 'OMG' key-chain is perfect for any drama queen (that's me!).

The zipper bracelet is so unique and made up from pink and baby blue zipper teeth - my favourite colours! Definitely adds a touch of quirkiness to my wardrobe.

How cute are these little post-it notes? It's super kawaii especially amongst my other stationary and Iwako erasers.

The cat plush key-chain coincidentally matches my new University of Cambridge Satchel in a very sweet colour called 'Cambridge Blue'.

And finally - a food element! There will be a sweet treat in every Kawaii Box and I got a box of chocolate Pocky sticks in mine :)

My husband LOVES Pocky and was pleasantly surprised when I gave him a whole box of it. The English version is called 'Mikado' and not nearly as nice as the original which is crispy and salty like a pretzel. I would usually get a box of Pocky Almond Crush and Japanese groceries when I'm in the Japan Centre in London. Getting some Japanese sweets via the post is definitely easier than having to go to London!

So if you would like to receive an awesome box of kawaii goodness like this every month - click on the image below.