Saturday 20 April 2013

Ice Scream!!


It's such a sunny day today - not a cloud in the sky!

Here are the new arrivals to the ice cream menu and a closer look at the Littlest Sweet Shop ice cream counter. I added some flowers and 1/3 scale lollipops to make the scene more bright and summery.

The ice cream display I bought from the supplier was plain. I added the bunting sign for a subtle decoration. I filled it up with 4 delicious ice cream flavours and made tiny labels for each one. *some spelling on the flavours needs rectifying. Various popsicles and ice cream sandwiches fill up the rest of the freezer.

Soft serve ice cream in vanilla and strawberry. The cornet stands are handmade using bits of wire
Double scoops for a hot day, parfait, soft serve and new item - waffle sundae. Check it out in the ice cream menu now!
Some close ups on the new items:

Re-Ment plastic accessories are used to fill the other side of the counter. Since this was a 1/6 scale ice cream counter, Re-Ment items fit in perfectly. The plastic boxes are filled with handmade waffle cones. The bowl is filled with chopped roasted peanuts.
The glass bottles are vintage and filled with candy, sprinkles, wafer curls - all handmade by moi.

OK, that's it for today. I bet you feel like eating ice cream now?



  1. Hi Nadia! You bet I feel like eating some ice cream now - your ice cream is gorgeous! The piping on the soft serve is absolute perfection. And the re-ment does fit in nicely with the scale. Wonderful post! Loved all of the items!! :D

    Many mini hugs,

    1. Thank you for those nice comments :)

      I do love ice cream (I eat it daily) and it was fun recreating it in miniature

      Mini hugs :)

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