Thursday 11 April 2013

I am on deviantART


Just a quick update - I am now on deviantART and it will be featuring a compilation of my best works. You can also buy prints of the Littlest Sweet Shop goodies directly or just say hi :)

Here are some of the 'art' that has been submitted so far. I will try to be active as I would love to meet more online friends who are crazy about miniature food like me!

Once I have more exposure, I will be establishing other social networking links in Facebook and finally open an Etsy store. I'm deliberately taking one step at a time since a significant amount of my time is still going into developing more new miniatures and products.

I am also trying to improve my photography skills as it is obviously not my forte. Miniature photography is tricky when you live in England where we don't get any decent sunshine. My fake lights set-up hasn't been great but I'm hoping to have more photo op sessions in my garden when the sun finally wakes up from the LONG winter season.

In the next few days I will be revealing 2 more new products so please watch this space!

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