'Tiny Little Doughnuts' is available exclusively at Littlest Sweet Shop. All branding and packaging design by Nadia Michaux
1:12 scale doughnuts are mini doughnuts in 1:6 scale. Maya is enjoying a Puffy-O chocolate chip doughnut with coffee

Doughnuts in 1:12 scale

Price per doughnut starts from : 1:12 scale £3.00
Puffy-O: 1:12 scale £2.50
Kokomi-chan with a box of half a dozen 1:12 doughnuts
Yummy doughnuts in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale doughnuts. Also a mini doughnut size in 1:6 scale
5 different Puffy-O doughnuts inspired by Komugi (Japanese bakery). Baked not fried. Strawberry, chocolate chip, chocolate, plain and green tea flavour. Very light and fluffy looking
Strawberry glaze and Rainbow ombré doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Left)Peanut coated chocolate doughnut, Original glazed doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right)Rainbow stripes, Jam doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Left)Chocolate and plain 'Old-fashioned' doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right)Birthday cake, 'Feathered' doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Left)The Simpsons special, Cookies'n Cream doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right)Caramel-filled and Chocolate ring with nuts in 1:12 scale 
(Left)Neapolitan Cruller sandwich and Neapolitan Pon-de-ring doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right) Mint chocolate and Double chocolate doughnuts in 1:12 scale

Doughnuts in 1:6 scale

Price per doughnut starts from: 1:6 scale £4.00
6 Doughnut holes: 1:6 scale £3.00
Commission for doughnuts, box and Hello Kitty latte in mug. 2 glazed and 2 rainbow sprinkles doughnuts
Glazed doughnut
Glazed Twist
Maple Bar
Light pink sugar icing with rainbow sprinkles
Various doughnut holes in serving tray
Pon-De-Ring doughnuts. Comes filled with cream
Various French Cruller filled with cream
Doughnuts with fillings. Frosted in sugar
Hazelnut chocolate, Strawberry milk and 'Feathered' doughnuts

Animal Doughnut どうぶつドーナツ(Japanese)

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Prices starts from: 1:6 scale £6.00
Stack your animal doughnuts in a bakery display!
'Cat' with patch on 1 ear
'Yellow Cat'
'Chocolate cat'
'Dark chocolate Cat'
Dark pink version 'Cat', Pink version 'Bunny' & 'Pikachu'
'My Melody'
'Hello Kitty'
Fluffy doughnuts iced and decorated in kawaii animal designs. Serve with coffee
Akiko loves the 'Cow' design
Maya likes the 'Chick' doughnut with milk coffee
We are always adding new characters and animals in this range

'Tiny Little Doughnuts' Accessories

Complete your doughnut order by adding a cup of coffee or take-out bags and boxes to go!

Paper Bags

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and small enough for 1:12 
Price per bag: 1:6 scale £1.50
Paper bags can be flattened
Bag is small enough to fit 1:12 scale

Serving tray

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and small enough for 1:12 
Price per tray: 1:6 scale £1.80
Serving tray with 3 chocolate chip Puffy-Os
Paper trays can hold up to 6 doughnut holes, 3 mini doughnuts (or 1:12 scale doughnut)

Paper coffee cup

Sizes: Available in 1:6 scale
Price per empty cup: 1:6 scale £1.60
Price per cup with coffee: £3.50
Price per cup with lid only (glued on): £4.50
Price per cup with coffee and removable lid: £6.00
You can order empty cups or cups with lids glued on. You can also order cups with removable lids and coffee inside the cup
Tell us which type of coffee you would like and we will add a tick on the side of the cup
Order tea, milk coffee or black coffee

Take-out box

Sizes: Available in 1:6 scale and 1:12 scale 
Price 1/2 dozen box for 1:12 scale: £2.50
Price 1/2 dozen box for 1:6 scale: £3.50
Price dozen box with window for 1:12 scale: £4.50
Price dozen box with window for 1:6 scale: £5.50
1:12 half-dozen box comes in 2 sizes. LEFT: fits 6 standard sized doughnuts
RIGHT: fits 6 old-fashioned style doughnuts
1:12 scale Boxes to takeaway yummy miniature doughnuts
1:6 scale window boxes that can fit 12 doughnuts
Naru is holding up a box of a dozen doughnuts in 1:6 scale
1:6 scale version comes with additional branding on the side of the box with clear detail. Fits 12 doughnuts
1:6 scale half-dozen box. No window
1:6 scale half-dozen box with 6 different doughnuts
Naru can carry several boxes of doughnuts to take home