Wednesday 13 April 2022

Look ma, I'm on TV!

Did you spot me in the trailer? I am the shortest (although an inch taller than Sandi) so it's OK if you didn't!

To tell you the truth I would never even think about being on TV if it wasn't for my littlest brother. He convinced me to apply and insisted I would do great - so here we are!

Sandi, the hosts and 10 contestants

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge is hosted by Sandi Toksvig and is a competition-style British reality TV show. There are 10 contestants and we are divided into 2 groups. We will then do some crazy speed dolls house decorating whilst making a miniature which has been assigned to us. I make other miniature items (must be historically accurate to the period of the theme) which for once isn't food! 

Me and the other contestants split up into 2 groups
Each team will have to decorate a dolls house room according to the time period which was set for that week. The interesting part is that we only have 8 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The winning diorama gets a permanent 'home' in the diorama and the loosing team gets a person eliminated. The elimination is based on the individual miniature that each person has been assigned to make. 

Our crafting family
Me and the other contestants got close really quickly because we would talk about miniatures and dolls houses when we are NOT filming! We were also kept in a tight bubble (because of Covid-19) so we were always doing stuff together. 

As you can see my apron was huge despite me telling the production company that I'm very petite. So petite I actually do buy children's clothes! However the production crew was always so nice to me and we were treated really well. 

I do hope you can cheer me on! It is episode 4 this Sunday on More4 and believe it or not - I am still in it!