Thursday 14 March 2019

Commission update - 1:12 miniatures and food from TV's Breaking Bad

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Our first commission is from a returning customer from America who wanted even more 1:12 miniatures! This time she ordered even more more frozen yogurt, half-eaten Crème brûlée from the Etsy shop, another Littlest Fast Food tray with onion rings, a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, bear lollies and a pack of Lebkuchen.
1:12 miniatures commission
1:12 scale onion rings
1:12 scale selection of frozen treats
Super tiny 1:12 scale ice cream sandwich
Kokomi-chan with a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich in 1:12 scale
Once again we made 1:12 frozen yogurt using graphic requested by the client. Chocolate yogurt with pastel sprinkles and Vanilla yogurt with chocolate sprinkles
Like all of our products, everything is made to scale even for 1:12 doll size Kokomi-chan
Selection of packaged items
XS size Bear Lollipops fits 1:12 scale
1:12 scale Lebkuchen sealed in a pack
Another commission was from an English Littlest Sweet Shopper who wanted me to make some food featured in the series Breaking Bad and cheese nachos. These items are also already available for you to order.
Original artwork was designed for Breaking Bad food
That's all folks! I'm not doing any commissions now which means I can concentrate in getting more new stock into Littlest Sweet Shop as well as our Etsy store. I've uploaded another tutorial on the YouTube channel and will be developing a new collection for April. It's been ages since I have some extra free time in my hands so I also want some quiet play time with my toys which have been ignored for months now! I hope you visit us in a week's time or so to check out some new items in store.