Monday 27 March 2017

Commission update and a small announcement

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Just a quick commission update. This time the order is for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America and she wanted 4 cute doughnuts, a Hello Kitty latte, and a box for the doughnuts. The hand made box is a custom size. I up-cycled a miniature plastic cup and filled it with my own secret recipe to create the latte foam.
Commission 4 dougnuts, custom box and Hello Kitty latte.
I will also be selling a selection of miniatures and accessories at the Norwich Makers Market. Please come and support the local crafters of Norfolk. There will be plenty of lovely hand-crafted gifts for everyone. The Assembly House is also a beautiful venue and worth visiting if you happen to be in Norwich on the 8th April 2017.
That's all for now. I am currently busy with a commission and also getting ready for the craft sale so see you next month.


Thursday 23 March 2017

March new arrivals - Fruits, Vegetables, Shaved Ice, Danish Cookies and more!

Mornin' Littlest Sweet Shoppers! 

Here are some new arrivals in our shop, starting with all new Fruits and Vegetables in our Groceries menu. These fresh produce are handmade and hand painted. Your dolls can now enjoy healthy fruits and veg as well as our famous sweet treats.
Littlest Sweet Shop Fruits and Vegetables now available in Groceries
You can order any fruit as a whole/uncut piece. Or have them sliced and cut to any portion of your liking.
Whole Fruits. Oranges, Apples, Grapefruits, Pears
Pink Grapefruit halves and slices.
Green and Red Apples
We have worked really hard to bring you the freshest looking apples! The skin is so shiny with such a realistic colour.
Sliced fruits are a nice healthy dessert for your doll. They are so refreshing so it is perfect for summer!
Sliced oranges
The pink grapefuit half is also great for breakfast. You can mix match with our various Breakfast menu items.
Pink Grapefuit half for breakfast with Littlest Sweet Shop cereal
Our next new arrivals will be perfect for any tea party. Here are some delicious and buttery biscuits fresh from our Cookie Shop. The Danish butter cookies is always a popular tea time treat. I had them a lot when I was growing up so it is fun to re-create in miniature. There are 4 biscuit designs and you can order them individually or have a whole tin instead. Each paper cup liner has been hand folded and a few pieces of cookies nestles in each one. Each tin has 2 layers of paper cups.
4 types of Danish butter cookies
Order a whole tin complete with paper liners and plenty of cookies!
If you want something even more elegant, please take a look at our delicate Viennese Fingers which are buttery and crispy.
Viennese Fingers. Each end dipped in chocolate
'S' Design Viennese fingers. Half dipped in chocolate
Also available plain without chocolate
These Sugar Tarts are sweet and pretty. It has an intricate pattern and the sugar looks so real.
Red and Green Sugar tarts
Viennese Whirls is a staple for any English tea. Have it on it's own or with jam and cream filling. We even made Viennese Whirls with candy in the middle!
Viennese Whirls cream and jam sandwich
Viennese Whirls with candy in the middle
Plain Viennese Whirl
We now have the loose pieces to complete your Littlest Sweet Shop cereal boxes! Each tiny piece has been hand-molded so it takes a lot of time just to fill one bowl. We have loose pieces for each of our own cereal brands.
Littlest Swee Shop cereal
Koko Brunch loose pieces in large bowl
Fruity Loops pieces in large bowl
Cornflakes loose pieces in a large bowl
Cereal bowl with milk is also now available in our Breakfast menu. We hand-made and hand-painted the bowls (other than white / clear) and added realistic looking milk (resin).
Koko brunch in milk and with cereal bowl
Fruity Loops in milk. Comes with pink hand-painted bowl
Since it is the first day of Sring, we are bringing in some new Easter candy - Marshmallow Peeps! These fluffy marshmallow chicks are popular in America and we hand-piped each of ours.
Hand-piped marshmallow Peeps
This new gelatine dessert is served in a glass container. You can clearly see each rainbow layer (6 different colours) within the dish. The gelatine is garnished with whipped cream and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles.
Rainbow Layer Gelatine in glass container
Rainbow Layer gelatine garnished with whipped cream
I have been experimenting with all sorts of 'recipes' to achieve realistic looking shaved ice. This new recipe makes the shaved ice look icy cool and syrup-y. Our shaved ice also comes in a glass container and you can see the melted bits through the glass!
Shaved ice in glass container. You can see the melting ice + syrup clearly
Shaved ice in 3 different colours/flavours
Last but not least, a new square cake with pink frosting can be found in our Cake menu. This simple cake is decorated with pink meringue and have very soft and moist looking cake layers! Cake can serve up to 6 dolls.
Square cake with pink frosting
That is our March arrivals. I am already working on new items for April and will be busy with Mother's Day in London this weekend. Visit us next week for another commission update and announcement.