Tuesday 30 April 2013

12th scale 'Posh' Cake


It's been sunny here so despite the 20mph wind (I live quite near the coast) I decided to take some new photos of my diorama (checkout the new banner) and other miniature photos. Some photos on my menu are quite bad due to the fact that my old VAIO laptop makes all my pictures look extremely dull and colourless. I end up having to edit the contrast and brightness and that made a lot of photos look terrible.

However recent photos have been un-edited as I love seeing my miniatures in all its original beauty and glory. It's so much better when I can take photos in the proper sunlight and not have to retouch anything (not to mention it saves loads of my time).

But first - a new arrival in the 'Cake' menu. It's 12th scale and perfect for any little posh Princess.

'Posh' Cake
Subtly pink cake with dark chocolate icing
I've also taken re-shots of some 'Brunch' items as well. It looks so much better now that you can see all the fine details!

Some new shots in the diorama:

Ice Cream and cupcake display
Re-Ment Showcase
Re-Ment display
Sweets Boutique
Cake chiller from Megahouse. Re-Ment cash till
I know I was scheduled to update this blog today with some new Spring home updates but I saw these and I couldn't resist :

...........Which means I will write about my Spring AND Summer home updates when I actually finish shopping!


Saturday 27 April 2013

New arrivals and Pancake v2.0


I've been so busy this week working on several projects at once! Here are some new arrivals and I've also updated my pancake design. I'm always changing my designs to make them look more realistic so you may be expecting more version 2.0 on several other items in the upcoming future - or when I actually get around to do it :p

New in 'Bakery' - Palmiers! Our special palmiers are shaped into hearts <3
The 'Spring' cake has now been listed in the 'Cake' menu
Pretty pink ombré cake with bespoke butterflies
Pancake v2.0 with blueberries. Find this in the 'Brunch' menu.
Brownies in various designs. Available now in the 'Bakery' menu.
Order 4 or more cupcakes and get this cupcake box FREE!
Currently I am still working on my 1/3 scale sweets and getting ready for my new Blythe doll to arrive. I still managed to spruce up my home with some new Spring goodies. I'll let you know more about that early next week.

Have fun in the sun :)

Saturday 20 April 2013

Ice Scream!!


It's such a sunny day today - not a cloud in the sky!

Here are the new arrivals to the ice cream menu and a closer look at the Littlest Sweet Shop ice cream counter. I added some flowers and 1/3 scale lollipops to make the scene more bright and summery.

The ice cream display I bought from the supplier was plain. I added the bunting sign for a subtle decoration. I filled it up with 4 delicious ice cream flavours and made tiny labels for each one. *some spelling on the flavours needs rectifying. Various popsicles and ice cream sandwiches fill up the rest of the freezer.

Soft serve ice cream in vanilla and strawberry. The cornet stands are handmade using bits of wire
Double scoops for a hot day, parfait, soft serve and new item - waffle sundae. Check it out in the ice cream menu now!
Some close ups on the new items:

Re-Ment plastic accessories are used to fill the other side of the counter. Since this was a 1/6 scale ice cream counter, Re-Ment items fit in perfectly. The plastic boxes are filled with handmade waffle cones. The bowl is filled with chopped roasted peanuts.
The glass bottles are vintage and filled with candy, sprinkles, wafer curls - all handmade by moi.

OK, that's it for today. I bet you feel like eating ice cream now?


Thursday 18 April 2013

Mid-week Update - other craft projects

Hi all,

I though I'd let you see the current progress of my HUGE 1/3 scale project and several other little crafts that I have been making. This weekend I'll make sure to update new arrivals in the Littlest Sweet Shop.

Current 1/3 WIP - from Pocky sticks to soft serve ice-cream, I want to make it all!

I just received another set of Tamiya modelling equipment from Japan. These are the materials that will be used exclusively for 1:3 miniatures. Tamiya Decoration Series is AMAZING and my collection of their tools and materials is always growing!

Some other small craft projects that I've completed recently:
Kite bookmark. Tutorial from Simply Stella

New design macaron fridge magnets

Butterfly Decoupage. This is my first decoupage but I don't think I'll be doing it again since pasting on the layers can be quite fiddly and a bit tedious. Worth it? What do you think?
I don't make beads (I never wear any) but I made this for a swap assignment. It looks all magical with a lovely sky blue quartz base and a lovely rainbow star pattern (initially it was supposed to be a flower)

Rose earrings

Vintage rose hat pin
Lollipop earring studs with antique bronze backing. Deliciously cute and sweet!
I don't own much stationary but I do try to get cute ones when I'm getting supplies. I made the marshmallow lollipop using air light clay and a shabby chic straw. The marshmallow looks really light, fluffy and real! Instant centerpiece to any pencil holder.
That's all for today. Stay tuned this weekend where I will be updating the menu with MORE new treats!

Happy weekend everyone!

Saturday 13 April 2013

New arrivals in Bakery menu

Hi again!
It was another beautiful day today (in the morning) so I was out cycling for almost 3 hours! It got cloudy when I got back and I really wanted to update this blog with some new items. If it wasn't for the strong winds I would actually shoot these outside but instead I had to manually turn my room into a miniature studio (involves 2 lamps - sigh, such hassle!!). Please bear with me and my amateur photography skills :)

As promised, here are some new items that had just been updated in the 'Bakery' menu. Check it out!

Cream horns
More jams / preserves / sauces

Traditional bread
I also took a new photo of my lolli-bouquet (yup, that's what I'm calling it now). This is a tiny sneak peek into my new hard candy lollipops (pssst, the heart shape!)

A photo from cycling today. I am very lucky to live in the countryside. Nature is just so pretty!

I have also just pre-ordered my first Blythe doll from Japan! I've been searching for the right kind of doll/girl to model my 1/6 miniatures and I thought Sadie Sprinkle is perfect since she loves cupcakes and decorating them! I'm going to stuff so many cute cupcakes into her lilac basket.

The Littlest Sweet Shop needs a sweet tooth with an imagination like her ;)

The doll is only released in the end of May so I'm hoping she will arrive safely (the doll will be 'travelling' from Japan to England) before my birthday in June! She is also a little birthday present for myself. 

OK, time for supper. Bye!

Thursday 11 April 2013

I am on deviantART


Just a quick update - I am now on deviantART and it will be featuring a compilation of my best works. You can also buy prints of the Littlest Sweet Shop goodies directly or just say hi :)

Here are some of the 'art' that has been submitted so far. I will try to be active as I would love to meet more online friends who are crazy about miniature food like me!

Once I have more exposure, I will be establishing other social networking links in Facebook and finally open an Etsy store. I'm deliberately taking one step at a time since a significant amount of my time is still going into developing more new miniatures and products.

I am also trying to improve my photography skills as it is obviously not my forte. Miniature photography is tricky when you live in England where we don't get any decent sunshine. My fake lights set-up hasn't been great but I'm hoping to have more photo op sessions in my garden when the sun finally wakes up from the LONG winter season.

In the next few days I will be revealing 2 more new products so please watch this space!