Wednesday 12 February 2020

News! News! (and commission update)

Happy New Year Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Apologies for being absent for a while now. If you have been following me on social media you might notice that I am still around - just not blogging as much. In fact I'm not sure how many people will actually read this entry but I'm still going to write some big news today.

First of all, there is going to be a new website! I have accepted the fact that blogging is now passé and this blog-based website is a bit 90s. I am currently creating a new website which is modern with a simple and better layout. The past years I have been pulling my hair out because editing my menu (pages) through blogger has been hell. The new website won't have any written entries but there will still be a link to this original blog. This blogger web address will revert to the original but you should be notified of the changes if you subscribe to updates. I will give more information when the changeover is complete but bear with me for a while since it's still a mammoth task to create a whole new website from scratch. To date I have over 3000 photos alone on this current blog and I'm linking them back to the new website one-by-one. I'm hoping to finish by end of this month.

This also means that I am no longer updating the pages with new items as I have already started shifting them to the new blog. Eventually when the new website takes over, I will also remove all of the pages from this blog so there is less clutter, redundancies and a more streamlined price structure.

Secondly, Littlest Sweet Shop is moving to a new address! Not me personally but there will be a new diorama for the 1:6 scale world. I love the original Littlest Sweet Shop in blue but just like this blog - it's old and made from cheap foam board so I knew that one day I will have to upgrade it. I'm not a diorama maker so this task has been handled by a very talented Korean artist. It will be revealed hopefully before this summer. 

Apart from web-editing, commissions, Etsy orders and being a housewife, everything is still pretty much the same. My Etsy sales have been great but it means I have less time to develop new miniatures or record YouTube video tutorials. I try to prioritise what's important now and blogging does not seem to gain me any traffic or new readers. However it is still my main outlet to talk about my commissions and anything interesting about running this miniature shop. 

Recently I made a commission for someone who makes shadow boxes. She wanted specifically these 2 boxes in 1:12 scale so they are only half an inch wide! Usually I'm nervous about making prints in 1:12 scale but these turned out better than expected and the client was pleased. I'm glad that it will be arranged into a personalised shadow box for someone.
1:12 scale box of candy

Only half an inch wide!

Kokomi with a box of Hot Tamales

Kokomi-chan with a Jelly Belly gift box
Other than that, I'm currently doing another 1:12 scale commission whilst balancing life! I put a lot of hard work in the last 8 years and since this hobby is always evolving, I'm still trying to catch up. Thank you to all of my supporters and loyal clients, I promise there are bigger and better things to come.