Sunday 7 April 2013

Littlest French Pâtisserie!


It has been a nice and sunny day so I decided to update my French Pastries menu with some new outdoor photos. I think the miniatures loved seeing the outdoors for once. They loved being part of my miniature tea party. There are also NEW items as well so make sure to visit the French Pastries menu to check out the details.

So what is new? If you still haven't spotted it in the pictures above, here they are:

Ispahan. It took me almost 2 days modelling the raspberries alone! That's right, I had to make a million(almost) microscopic balls to make realistic looking raspberries. No mold is used even though I had to admit by the 4th raspberry I was making I did wish I used a mold. I almost went cross eyed trying to tease the smallest bits of clay into balls.

St. Honoré. If you remember my Marie Antoinette cake from a previous post - this is the pastry which crowns it.
Demi-Baguette. Like the Baguette - only half the length
Preserves/Jams. I also made my own preserves - great with miniature breads!

Delicious marmalade!
Petits Fours. I had actually made these months ago but I'm only listing it now since sometimes I move on to a new project and totally forget to update this blog!

Updates on some other items:

Choux à la crème
Boulangerie. The 'Mickey' shaped pie is actually a Re-Ment miniature. You can see how well it fits with my own hand-made miniature breads

Mont Blanc

That's not all folks. In my last post I did say that I was going to update more items across the menu SOON. However I've been concentrating on some 1:3 scale miniatures this past week so I will have to roll it out in weeks to come. At least today you get to feast your eyes on 2 new items in the French Pastries menu :)

Therefore I will leave you with this WIP picture of my current 1:3 scale project. 

1:3 scale miniatures curing next to my radio. I hope it likes Classic FM!


  1. Amazing work! I love the baguette's and jams, everything looks so realistic! :)

    1. Thanks Esme! I do try to make my miniatures as realistic as possible. It's an ongoing challenge but the results are so worth it :D