Sunday 30 March 2014

New arrivals on Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's Day Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Hope that you all had a good celebration with the most important woman in your life today.

2 updates in a week! I just remembered that I haven't listed the Strawberry Shortcake that Akiko was serving on this blog a few weeks ago. You can now find it in the Cakes menu.

I also listed another new item for Easter. It is a candy birdhouse made out of caramel and chocolate (roof) with cute sweets. The caramel main building has wooden grain detail on it! Available now on the Seasonal menu. 
So small that it fits on the palm of Akiko's hands
A wonderful item for Easter or just a home for the chicky macarons
I took Akiko out for the first time today on my bicycle and snapped this lovely shot of her with some daffodils. We have so many daffodil flowers here in the village in the spring time and I suspect that they were planted by daffodil fairies overnight. When it gets warmer - they all disappear almost instantly!  

Having a new 2 scoop ice cream cone near the farming fields
Before I sign out, here are some photos of our loyal customers enjoying Littlest Sweet Shop treats! Some treats are so new and bespoke that it isn't listed on our menu (yet) - what lucky girls!

So I hope you had a nice spring weekend and see you again next week! Don't miss it because we will début chocolate pudding, mousse cakes and new mini cheesecake flavours.


Thursday 27 March 2014

Enjoying the new Spring arrivals

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers :)

I'm currently taking a break from modelling to concentrate on some sewing for the bi-monthly Blythe swap I do with a bunch of cool people. My haberdashery kit is in London for a photo-shoot so I must try to make something awesome using the items I have left.

Littlest Sweet Shop display counter with new and old treats
Naru came in to the Sweet Shop today to try out some Spring/Easter new arrivals. 

LSS diorama March 2014
Naru tries a Spring Blossom candy bar. Delicious vanilla cream candy with a chocolate fudge base. Great with coffee
There is a cute cherry blossom flower design at the top. The fudge is dark and delicious
Easter cookie hamper makes a cute table decoration for this spring season.
We decided to put the Easter treat stand here
Naru is trying an Orange macaron in the shape of a chicky
Spring is wonderful here in the English countryside. This new collection is inspired by the nature that surrounds our Sweet Shop. Flowers are blooming on almost every living plant and they are so bright and colourful! After that wet and bleak winter, I am so glad that it's finally spring.

Naru's 'casual' stock clothing :p
That's it from me. I will see you next week to debut MORE new arrivals. It's going to be great so do make sure you visit again :)


Wednesday 19 March 2014

Easter 2014 collection and Littlest Sweet Shop now available at TFS

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here it is finally - our new Easter/Spring collection! Sorry for the delay, it was meant to be launched last week but I have been awfully busy contributing to an upcoming polymer clay charm book. The weather today was cloudy (as it usually is) but I managed to get some new shots. Do expect more photos featuring all these new Easter items in the coming weeks. Everything featured on this entry can be found in the Seasonal menu.

But before we check out the new Easter items, I would like to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Naru wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day (since she is the only one with a green outfit)
The girls managed to make some new St. Paddy's Day-themed treats for the sweet shop. You get this cookie for free when you request a commission worth above £15 (valid until this Friday only).
St. Patrick's Day Sugar cookies
Lucky Jelly
The Easter and Spring new arrivals:

Easter cookie hamper. Comes with 4 iced sugar cookies in a wooden plant pot painted with Laura Ashley paint. Each bunny is completed with a twine ribbon.
Easter chocolate eggs. Available in dark and white chocolate
Easter basket mini cakes
Chocolate and vanilla slices with Pink Spring blossom design
Easter animal macarons. Each animal has a unique filling! Chocolate for the piglet, Orange cream for the chick and Mint cream for the bunny
Spring jellies in flower and butterfly designs. You can choose from 2 sizes and have it in any colour with additional filling (sliced fruits, glitter) or even colour layers
I got also got a new treat stand for the shop! Perfect for all of the Easter goodies :)

Sadie is helping the maids to arrange some Easter cookies
Maya loves the new stand and tells me to take a photo while she poses
And another big announcement - You can now buy Littlest Sweet Shop 1/6 scale sets directly from Tiny Frock Shop!

The website is based in the US (but ships internationally) and currently sells limited edition sets that are one of a kind! I only accept commissions so this is the only official store-front for Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures. Click on the banner above to get some new treats for your dolls!

Phew! That's all for tonight. I will be updating some new arrivals next week!


Sunday 9 March 2014

First Day of Spring

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers :)

We had a lovely day today so I decided to take the girls outdoors for the first time. They even brought their own dessert from the new Easter range (SNEAK PEAK ONLY!)

I should be able to launch the whole collection on this blog by next week. For now, please enjoy some pictures of the Littlest Sweet Shop maids. 
Akiko with the new Strawberry Shortcake whole cake
Naru and Maya
Easter chocolate & Easter basket mini cakes 
I had to make a new Starwberry cane for this cake (I ran out). This time the colour is slightly different - more hues of yellow, orange and peach.
Littlest Sweet Shop maids
Akiko (Pureneemo Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Sahra Limited Edition 1/6 scale doll)
Slice of Strawberry Shortcake cake
The girls made sure there was something for me to have as well. She's offering me a Mikado (Pocky) stick
Naru (Pureneemo Chocolate Mint Lycee 1/6 scale doll)
Holding an Easter basket mini cake
Easter dark chocolate eggs
Maya (Pureneemo Peach Pie Maya Limited Edition 1/6 scale doll)
Would you like a chocolate egg (ribbon deco)?
Chocolate eggs in a basket
Easter mini baskets are chocolate cake covered in a basket made out of caramel candy. Decorated with sugar flowers, mini eggs and a butterfly
Naru is planning an Easter egg hunt in the garden
Are you excited about the new collection? I know I am! Be sure to come back next week to the complete roll-out of these new products. 

Bye :D

Akiko, Naru and Maya: Come back soon!