Wednesday 25 October 2017

Commission Update

Hey again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Another commission update! A new client from America commissioned 1:12 miniature ice cream cones with the stands. I'm glad she likes them! They are so tiny and cute.
1:12 scale ice cream commission
1:12 scale 2 scoops (mint Chocolate chip and strawberry ice cream). Garnished with whipped cream and cherry
Rainbow Scoop ice cream in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale triple scoop (purple, mint, blue ice cream) with strawberry sauce. Garnished with cherry and whipped cream
7 Scoop ice cream rainbow
1:12 scale Soft Serve with candy. Comes in a waffle cone
That's all for now. Come back again next week for another update on new arrivals. There will be not 1, but 2 new categories including Dollhouse Miniatures.


Saturday 21 October 2017

Littlest Sweet Etsy Shop NOW OPEN!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Our Christmas Shop is now open! Visit our Etsy store to instantly purchase some of our miniatures and accessories for yourself too. 50 different items listed now with limited quantity. Our Etsy store is only open until early next year so make sure you stock up!
Currently I am still making new dishware using polymer clay and will be listing them in the shop by next month. It is so great to be able to make your own plates and bowls so that I can fill them later with more miniatures.

There is a new tutorial that will be uploaded on our YouTube channel tomorrow so make sure you have subscribed to it already.


Thursday 12 October 2017

Commission update

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Here is another commission update. This order is for one of our best clients in America and this time she ordered a mix of desserts and food in miniature. She also ordered mussels and clams which is also available in our new Seafood menu. Littlest Sweet Shoppers can always request something new which is not in the menu as we are always adding new items to the shop.
Client's 3rd order with us!
Some Chinese food, corn fritters, biscuits and Baked Alaska
Client has requested that the meat in the shellfish can be removed
Various sweet cakes and cookies
That's all for now. Right now I am doing 2 commissions and working on some new plates and tableware for Littlest Sweet Shop! Our own Christmas Shop will also be launched next week so you can purchase our miniatures more easily so stay tuned for that announcement. 


Saturday 7 October 2017

New arrivals October. All new Seafood menu, Peanut Butter cups, Drip cake, Baos, Mooncake and more!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Welcome back to Littlest Sweet Shop. Today we have listed so many new items including new miniatures to stock up your pantry. Since Halloween is just around the corner, there are 3 new sweets and candy added to our Sweets Boutique. We are also celebrating mid-Autumn festival this month with our own range of Mooncake!
New arrivals for October. Plenty of new grocery items, savoury food and deliciously sweet desserts!
Mooncake is a traditional Chinese pastry sold during this time of year. Each pastry is quite dense and filled with some filling. I always loved the way mooncakes looked since they always use such pretty molds! Our mooncakes come in 2 shapes and in 9 varieties. You can also have them cut into 2 or 4 pieces to reveal a filling of your choice. The pastel coloured mooncake is called Snowskin mooncake and a delicacy that originated from Hong Kong. We offer traditional mooncake fillings and also chocolate since I think mooncakes can also be a very sweet dessert.
9 different mooncakes in 2 shapes
2 shapes, round and square traditional mooncakes
Snowskin mooncake. Soft pastel coloured mooncakes
Pastel green mooncake with custard filling
Pink mooncake with chocolate filling
Traditional mooncake, chocolate mooncake and green tea mooncake
Traditional mooncakes with lotus paste and red bean paste filling

Mooncake cut into 4 pieces. Filled with anko (red bean) and white kernels. Our Japanese variant
There is a Seafood menu now and here are the first few items listed on that menu. We plan to expand the range with more new items like lobster, crab and even salmon. But for now enjoy traditional British fish and chips and shellfish.

Littlest Sweet Shop's Fish and chips
You can order the fish individually or add a side of chunky chips. Deep fried large fish fillet
Littlest Sweet Shop's shellfish
Each shell is handmade which means you can order your mollusks in any size that you want. You can have it whole or with one shell peeled off. We even offer just the flesh or even just the shell.
Clam flesh on a fork
Mussells. Black-greyish shells with an orangey-red flesh inside
Mussells with 1 shell peeled off
Littlest Sweet Shop clams
Each shell has been hand-sculpted
You can now have curly fries for your dolls to snack on or just to replace standard French fries to accompany a burger. It is now available in the Brunch and Snacks menu and you can also order it in this white take out box.
Curly fries. White take-away box sold seperately
Another new snack that your dolls can munch on are these Corn Fritters. Perfect for afternoon snack time while watching TV.
Corn fritters. Deep fried corn batter with corn pieces
New to our Cookie Shop are these realistic looking Oreo cookies. Each chocolate cookie has a beautiful design stamped on the surface and filled with white filling.
Oreo cookies by Littlest Sweet Shop
Each cookie is filled with white filling. Perfect with a glass of milk
Here are some new items to stock up the pantry with. These milk bottles are 1:12 scale but fits as a small bottle of milk in 1:6 scale. Littlest Sweet Shop bottled milk has a pink bottle top and you can even order the cardboard carrier seperately which holds up to 6 bottles.
1:12 scale milk bottle with pink bottle top
Milk bottles in carrier is an ideal prop for your dollhouse' front door
We created 6 different varieties of canned goods in miniature. Every can has an English and Japanese label. They are designed by Littlest Sweet Shop and believe it or not, the cans are made out from polymer clay.
Littlest Sweet Shop canned food items

We even created cat and dog food so your doll's pets won't miss out.
Cat food
Dog food
3 new jams to go with your Littlest Sweet Shop breads. They are small jars for 1:6 scale and the labels come in both English and Japanese copy. Makes a very cute addition to your doll's breakfast table.
Jam jars with Japanese script labels
English labels. Choose from raspberry, blackberry or strawberry jam.
Drip cakes are the trendiest cakes right now so we have 2 different ones in the Cake menu. You can order a whole drip cake or have a slice cut out.
Candy loaded drip cake with chequered cake pattern inside
Decorated with various candy from Littlest Sweet Shop
Ice cream drip cake with chocolate sauce, rainbow ice cream cone, and rainbow pastel sprinkles
Halloween is around the corner so here are additional sweets to stock up for the candy binge!
New candy and chocolate from Littlest Sweet Shop
The chocolate bars are not new, but the packaging is! I always preferred chocolate bars to be wrapped in foil and paper so that's what I did. Packaging is designed by Littlest Sweet Shop and each bar contains a piece of candy for your dolls. However we wouldn't advice you to unwrap it since it would be impossible to wrap up again.
Littlest Sweet Shop chocolate bars now come with packaging
Side detail with Japanese katakana script
Peanut butter cups are my favourite candy and now your dolls can enjoy them too!
Littlest Sweet Shop peanut butter cups
Peanut butter filling in each peanut butter cup
This is the updated wrapped sweets and each piece has been hand-wrapped in clear hollographic cellophane wrappers. Since they are hand-wrapped, you can unwrap each piece for your dolls to eat but again, not advisable as it wouldn't be easy to wrap up again!
Updated wrapped sweets
Comes in 6 different flavours
Littlest orange sweet
Baos are Chinese steamed buns and famous all over Asia. Ours is listed in the Japanese menu and comes in 3 different sizes and 2 flavours to choose from.
Littlest Sweet Shop's steamed buns
Bao with sweet soy pork (char siew) filling
Baos are cooked in a steamer
Small baos
Medium baos
Large bao
Bao with anko (red bean) filling
Last but not least, another new flavour added in our Liège Waffles range. This time it is strawberry which makes the waffle light pink in colour. These waffles are great for breakfast but also as a tasty snack.
Littlest Sweet Shop Liège Waffle range
Phew! So that is everything listed for this month. We were planning to update the Gummy Bears but experienced some technical difficulties so we will have them launched for next month. In November there will also be a new range of tableware which are handmade by us so do stay tuned for that! 

Other than that, I am busy with commission work while still building the dollhouse so make sure you follow us on social media to keep up with all of the activities at Littlest Sweet Shop.