Thursday 30 May 2019

Commission update: 1:3 scale packaged candy

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

I know I'm lagging behind updates on this website. Any news will always appear via our social media channels first. To compile it all neatly into one post is not as straightforward but I will try my best to catch up next month.

Despite my lack of appearance in social media, I was still getting some small commissions which is all I can handle currently. A client was asking if our popular selection of packaged candy could be made in 1:3 scale. Since I designed the packaging, I said of course! And I made a pack of chocolate and a bar of Snickers for her Dolfie Dream.
Client commission packaged candy in 1:3 scale

It turned out so cute so I decided to scale up the others as well! I'm also happy that the client think they look so real. So now it's also available for other Littlest Sweet Shoppers to commission. They are listed in the 1/3 scale menu.
1:3 scale packaged candy by Littlest Sweet Shop
In other news, my Instagram channel was featured in American Miniaturist magazine June 2019. I think this is only my 3rd magazine feature and I'm truly honoured. 

This June is the season when I am the weakest since I am allergic to a specific pollen which triggers my asthma. I am trying my best to debut the new Yume (pastel rainbow) miniature collection and finally finish my big 1:3 scale project. There will also be the new YouTube tutorial I keep talking about since last month so I'm hoping that I can upload it by this weekend. I'm also going to mix things up a little on the YouTube channel - it is a surprise! So come visit again in June for the new collection and I promise there will be more new miniatures.