Friday 22 September 2017

New 1/3 scale items and winner of Blippo giveway

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Time for some new 1:3 scale items. We have added the following items to our 1:3 scale menu which is perfect for BJD dolls and even American Girl dolls.
New 1:3 scale items
 You can now select 3 extra doughnut types and choose the frosting or even have it plain.

New doughnut types
Pon de ring doughnut with pink frosting and pastel rainbow sprinkles
Cruller doughnut with caramel and chopped hazelnuts
Frosted old-fashioned doughnut

 2 more new cookies are also added to the menu so we now have a wider selection of 1:3 scale biscuits.
Jammy Dodgers. Large biscuits with jam filling
Tea Biscuits. With 'Biscuit' stamp detail
Lastly, some new realistic gummy bears which are 10mm tall. They are made from gummy resin which gives it the perfect gummy texture just like the real thing!

1:3 scale gummy bears. 10mm tall with real gummy texture
 And before I sign out, here is the winner of the Blippo Giveaway. Her name is

Sophie Alaina Tamayo

Congratulations from all of us at Littlest Sweet Shop and Blippo. Her surprise bag is on the way so we do hope she loves and enjoys all of the kawaii items. 

I just dispatched a big order to one of our favourite clients and currently working on a new tutorial video for this weekend. I will be updating the Youtube channel every fortnight from now on as it has been a lot of hard work to be doing it every week! I am still developing new miniatures for Littlest Sweet Shop so time is quite limited. Make sure you keep following our channels on social media to keep up with every new update.


Friday 8 September 2017

New arrivals September - Chiffon cakes, milk cartons, wedding cake, bagel sandwiches and MORE!

Hey hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Here are the new releases for September. I have been working on the new dollhouse on sunny days (because there is a lot of sanding involved and I only do that outdoors) but managed to come up with these new miniatures when the days have been grey. Even though August was supposed to be summer, we had a LOT of grey weather. I am adding more new grocery items in the upcoming months and here are the first 2 new ones.
September new arrivals
Our first new arrivals are Chiffon cakes. They are cotton-y soft and perfect for afternoon tea! You can order them as a whole cake or with 1 or 2 slices that can be removed. Chiffon cakes comes in all flavours, marbled and even rainbow layered!
Littlest Sweet Shop's Chiffon cakes
Chiffon cakes are modelled to look super soft and light, just like the real one!
Rainbow chiffon cake

Slice of marble chiffon cake
Our next new arrival is for the Groceries menu. I have to admit, I am not a graphics designer so it took me literally days to design these milk cartons. As usual our groceries have English and Japanese labels on them and every side of the box has a cute and detailed design. We offer plain, strawberry and chocolate milk flavours.
Large milk cartons. Japanese labels on one side. Designed by Littlest Sweet Shop
Order yours with one side open and a straw so your dolls can consume delicious and wholesome milk
Large milk carton. English label side
Cute details on the large milk carton boxes
Small milk cartons with Japanese labels on one side.
Small milk cartons with English labels
Mix and match your Littlest Sweet Shop groceries to make cute miniature scenes
As usual we make everything perfect to scale
Our next new grocery item is just too cute! I fell in love with the design and the artist who made it gave me permission to use it to make a miniature version. If you just buy an unopened one, it comes with a dummy ice cream inside so it's meant to be kept sealed. If your dolls really want to eat it then order one with the ice cream so you can take it out from the packaging. They come in two flavours, vanilla and chocolate.
Grand Cone ice cream in sealed packaging
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate and nuts. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles
Sealed Grand Cones come with a top label glued on

Maya can't decide which one she likes more
After a taste test, she decided that she likes the vanilla one - a CLASSIC!
Our next new item is an updated Gumball Machine in 1:12 scale. It is also applicable as a mini 1:6 scale Gumball Machine but you can also get a bigger one in 1:6 scale. I used a special clay and a glass ball to make the item look like a real machine. You can commission your machine in any colour and with as many or as little gumballs you want.
Pink Quartz and Red Pearl 1:12 scale Gumball machines
Pink Gumball machine with pastel coloured gumballs
Red pearl Gumball Machine with rainbow coloured gumballs
This 3 tier wedding cake is new in our Wedding menu. It features a gold lace detail all around each cake and handmade miniature roses. It is also decorated with hundreds of small pearl balls.

Gold lace and pearl ball detail
Crowned with 7 small roses and 1 bigger rose in the middle. All hand-sculpted by Littlest Sweet Shop
Bagel sandwiches are the latest additions in the Deli menu. You can select any ingredient you want in your bagel sandwich. All the ingredients are listed in our Deli and you can also choose to have the top of the bagel fixed on or loose.
Littlest Sweet Shop bagel sandwiches. Using only the best ingredients from Littlest Sweet Shop's Deli
Breakfast bagel. Sunny Side up egg, streaky bacon and melted cheese
Ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato bagel sandwich with the top loose
Littlest Sweet Shop's ham, tomato, cheese and lettuce bagel sandwich
We now have Banana Splits in the Ice Cream menu. You can order yours with any ice cream flavour and any dessert sauce of your choosing. Each Banana Split comes in it's own handmade waffle bowl, whipped cream and glossy cherries.
Littlest Sweet Shop Banana Splits
Purple ice cream, vanilla and raspberry ripple ice cream, blue ice cream scoops. Chocolate sauce with chopped nuts
Mint Choc Chip ice cream, strawberry ice cream, vanilla and caramel ripple scoops. Milk strawberry, caramel and blueberry sauce. Sprinkled with pastel sprinkles
Banana Splits come in handmade waffle bowl
Next new item are tomatoes. Our tomatoes come in 4 different options and features realistic flesh!
Littlest Sweet Shop tomatoes
Tomatoes complete with stems and leaves
Tomato slices. whole slices or half slices
We also now have broccoli for you to stock up in your dollhouse fridge.
Littlest Sweet Shop small broccoli
Our last new arrival is also another staple for your miniature fridge and it is another type of ham. This one is bigger and has a rind. Listed now in our Deli menu.
New ham from Littlest Sweet Shop
That is all of our newly listed items for September. Come back again next month for more new grocery items such as milk bottles, jams and even more new ice cream! Be sure to follow us on all of the social media channels to keep updated with new items before it hits the website and our YouTube channel is still updated every weekend so subscribe to our channel so you won't miss out.