Thursday 28 February 2019

New arrivals February - New Cupcake 2019 sculpt, Tornado Potato, McFlurry/Blizzard and more!

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's been another busy month for me with 3 commissions, 1 YouTube tutorial video and a deadline to submit my proposal for a miniatures workshop happening in October. Apart from that I was able to list some new arrivals thanks to the freakishly nice weather that we've had for almost a week. 

This is probably the 4th or 5th version of cupcake so far and I hope it's the last one! I think I'm finally happy with this design after changing it so many times. This time the cupcake liner isn't made from paper but looks even more real and detailed. 

The best part is that the cupcake liner comes in so many different colours for you to choose from including transparent, gold, silver and even black! They also come in 4 different sizes XL, L, M and S. XL and L are for 1:6 scale cupcakes and M and S is suitable for 1:12 scale cupcakes. I will be working on more designs in the future but you can always commission your own style of cupcake. 

The first design for this new sculpt is Rainbow Cherry cupcake featuring 6 layers of icing with a cherry on top.
Rainbow Cherry cupcake in white paper liner
Cupcake liners available in many colours and 4 different sizes
L, M and S size cupcake liners in transparent
1:6 scale cupcake liners (L size)
Next is a new snack done in large American sized bags! They are slightly larger than our previous snacks or what we call in the UK as 'sharing bag'. I made these Funyuns for a client and it is now also available in our Groceries menu. 
Littlest Sweet Shop Onion snacks
Sharing bag is big so your dolls can share it with their friends
Oranges was such a best-seller on the Etsy store so I've decided to create smaller 'easy-peel' types like Satsumas or Mandarin oranges. 
Littlest Sweet Shop 'easy-peel' oranges. Box also available for commission
Easy-peel oranges are a handy and healthy snack. You can order yours half-peeled or fully peeled to reveal the juicy segments.
Mandarin oranges are usually eaten during Chinese New Year. We also sell red packets (available in the Seasonal menu) so you can give them to your dolls on Chinese New Year. Traditionally the Chinese would give red packets to kids and they contain money. We have made 5 different red envelopes designs for you to choose from with optional money.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Chinese New Year red packets
Tornado Potato is a savoury snack originating from South Korea. The potato has been sliced and deep fried to perfection! If you wanted to make your own, we even did a tutorial on our YouTube channel. It's available now in our Carnival Foods menu as it is the perfect street food snack.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Tornado Potato
Made to scale
Crispy layers of potato swirled onto a stick
The next new arrival is something that I've always wanted to make in miniature because it's also one of my favourite type of dessert. It is basically blended ice cream in a cup just like Dairy Queen's Blizzard or McFlurry. Littlest Sweet Shop's own comes in 7 different flavours (remember we also have a Valentine's Day edition too). Check-out the break-down of each flavours in our Ice Cream menu.
Blended ice cream in miniature
Triple chocolate flavour
Oreo Cookies flavour
M&M's flavour
Cotton Candy flavour
Peanut Butter cup flavour
Snickers flavour
Unicorn flavour
Served upside down or it's free!
Necco wafers is one of the oldest candies in America but sadly has been discontinued. We made some just for the Gingerbread House shingles recently and decided to also list them as part of our Pick'n Mix selection. In real life it might be discontinued but in miniature you can always have them whenever you want it. 
Necco wafers in 5 colours
This was another client's request for our tortilla chips but with cheese flavoured coating. I will also design a 'Doritos' American style bag for it. 
Cheese tortilla snacks. Perfect snack for gaming
We have re-designed our pizza boxes to look like a more generic New York pizza box. It even has local branch's phone numbers on the box and perfect for take-out! Available in medium and large sizes to suit your pizza order. 
2019 new pizza box design
New York pizza design
Details on the side of the boxes
Last but not least, the Danish Butter boxed cookies now come with the new paper liner. Each tin box can fit 12 cookies (4 designs) all nestled within the cupcake liner.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Danish Butter Cookies
Perfect for tea time!
Okay that's all the time I have for now. I'm currently doing another commission in 1:12 scale so plenty of new items coming up next month. The weather is also finally brightening up so I can try to debut more new items that has been gathering dust since January! I've been doing a lot of experiments and not really finishing up a project because I get distracted and end up starting something new. I think I just need to be more disciplined and come up with bigger sets like when I did the doughnuts and fast food range. I will also be uploading a YouTube tutorial on how to make the peeled oranges so please do subscribe so you can also learn how these miniatures are made. 


Saturday 2 February 2019

Commission Update - 1:12 scale fast food

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

A short entry today about a recent commission for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. She really wanted Littlest Fast Food in 1:12 scale so I thought I'd give it a try. They are usually available only in 1:6 scale since I'm not confident my printer can produce high quality print at a smaller scale than one-sixth.

Luckily they turned out great even though I had to simplify the design of the Chicken Burger box and Fries box. The frozen yogurt had the label from her local yogurt shop so almost everything was bespoke. I am so happy that the new client loves them and here are the miniatures that I made for her.
1:12 scale strawberry yogurt with pastel sprinkles. Cup made with client's preferred logo
1:12 scale Curly Fries, Chicken Burger and tray
1:12 scale. Custom plastic lid for the yogurt
Made perfectly to scale
Kokomi-chan with a Frozen Yogurt made for 1:12 scale Picco Neemo size
Littlest Fast Food's signature packaging in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale chicken burger doesn't come with cheese. Little container of dipping sauce optional
1:12 scale Curly Fries
Kokomi-chan's quick lunch
1:12 scale 3D printed tray
1:12 scale Littlest Fast Food
That's all for now. I currently have 2 commissions to complete and many little projects on the side so I am kinda busy (again!) to take photos of the new Gingerbread Houses! I have an upcoming workshop in October so I am currently working on the course plan while trying to produce another YouTube tutorial.....................PHEW!

I do hope to see you again for another new update this month so please stick around ;)