Friday 19 May 2017

Commission updates

Hej Hej Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I just came back from Norway and wanted to show you our latest commissions which have been received by our clients. These miniatures were ordered by a Littlest Sweet Shop customer from America and it is her 3rd commission!! I am extra happy when we get repeat customers because it means that they have been pleased with our quality products. Don't be surprised if you see some new items in her order which we haven't listed on our website yet. I will try to debut them before I leave for Japan.
3rd order for Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. Prawn salad, pastel crêpe cake, rainbow chards, BLT sandwich (cut into 2), 3 pie slices, 2 pizza slices, grapefruit segments, rainbow Frasvåfflor (Norwegian waffle), and 1:12 scale pretzel dogs
1:12 scale Pretzel dogs are super tiny!!
Slice of 4 cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza
Strawberry cream, lemon meringue, and Chocolate cream pie slices (not listed yet)
Prawn salad with take-away bowl, pastel rainbow crêpe cake slice (not listed yet) and rainbow chards
BLT sandwich cut into 2 pieces
We also got another repeat customer from the UK and she usually orders food in 1:3 scale for her BJD dolls. This time she ordered one of our exclusive cereal and snack packaging! 
Commission for UK Littlest Sweet Shopper. Prawn crackers snack, Fruity Loops cereal box, Fruity Loops cereal with milk in bowl, salted pretzel, mini Taiyaki and 2 Pocky sticks (chocolate and strawberry)
That's the commission update. I am planning to launch our own YouTube channel very soon so please make sure to come back this weekend!


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