Tuesday 25 April 2017

April New Arrivals: 1/3 Scale Cookies, Chocolate, Taiyaki and more

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We made so many new items this past month so we decided to split it up into 2 parts. The first part for today is the release of 1:3 scale food and next month in May we will debut the rest of the 1:6 scale miniatures.

Orders for 1:3 scale food makes up almost 15% of our business so we wanted to add some new items to the menu to give more variety for clients with 1:3 scale dolls such as Smart Doll, BJD, Dolfie Dream and more.
New food in 1:3 scale
First item is an updated Pretzel. This one is a salted pretzel made for a client with a new and improved formula. You can also order it plain or coated with any sauce (chocolate, strawberry) or even dipped in toppings!
1:3 scale Salted Pretzel
Next is for 1:3 scale dolls with a sweet tooth. These Chocolate Molded Swirls also come in 1:6 and 1:12 scale.
1:3 scale Chocolate Molded Swirls in milk and dark chocolate
Taiyaki is a Japanese type of molded pastry filled with anko (red bean paste). Now there's a version for 1:4 scale (mini 1:3 scale Taiyaki)
1:4 scale Taiyaki. Fish pattern on both sides
Mini chocolate biscuits looks like small Bourbon biscuit. Another mini biscuit is the butter Danish biscuits also new to the 1:3 scale menu.
1:3 Mini chocolate biscuits
1:3 Mini Danish cookies
If your doll wants a biscuit with a bigger crunch, then try our new Cream sandwich biscuits which are 2 biscuits with a cream center. The biscuits can come in any flavour and so can the cream. Just choose your favourtite - chocolate biscuit with vanilla cream or biscuit with lemon cream?
1:3 scale Chocolate, vanilla and mint green biscuit creams
Strawberry, lemon and vanilla creamy center
There is also the new Liège waffles for a more substantial snacking. Comes in plain or one side coated in chocolate. Just like our miniature version, these waffles are a perfect 3D replica with waffle patterns on both sides.
1:3 scale Liège waffles
Last but not least, we are also offering our Litlest Sweet Shop groceries in 1:3 scale. Our illustrator came out with the designs for the boxes so we can also make them in any size we like.
Littlest Sweet Shop cereal and snack packaging in 1:3 scale. Commissioned by client
And that's not all! For every LSS Groceries which comes with loose pieces, it is also available in 1:3 scale
Littlest Sweet Shop groceries come in both English and Japanese copy. This 1:3 box version is completed with a bowl of cereal with milk by Littlest Sweet Shop. Commissioned by client
Close-up miniature cereal in tropical colours. Each piece has been textured to look like the real thing. White plastic bowl is handmade by us using vacuum forming technique
That wraps up all of our new 1:3 scale arrivals. Please stay tuned for the new miniature arrivals in May. I think we have more than 10 different types of new miniatures to debut so it is going to be a BIG one before Littlest Sweet Shop closes temporarily in June (whilst I am on holiday in Japan for the whole month).


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