Saturday 27 May 2017

Pie Slice Recipe

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Here is a new video tutorial that shows you how I make a miniature slice of pie. This is just the basics and of course you can adapt it to make other pie varieties and flavours. If you want to do a lattice pie slice, you will need to weave some strips and cut out a circle. Then cut out a sector (same size as the base) to use. A new video next week will teach you how to make the pastry lattice from clay.
Here are some additional tips that wasn't included in the video:
  • Gloss the filling (cherry) after baking with a polymer clay gloss. I personally like using Fimo's gloss varnish which is thin (which is good when you are making items in a small scale) and gives a great shine.
  • You should use polymer clay in this project as you will need to bake the Fimo liquid.
  • Colour the surface with alcohol inks (like in the Mont Blanc recipe) for a richer colour and more realistic effect. It also adds a semi-gloss to the surface as well. 
  • Texture all edges by stabbing it using a needle (the part where the knife has cut through the 'pie pastry'). This is vital for realism.  
I am much faster in editing videos since the first time so I will queue up videos to publish when I am away in Japan for the whole month of June. Make sure to subsribe to the channel for more video updates.


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