Monday 22 May 2017

Mont Blanc Recipe

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I have finally done it! There is now a Littlest Sweet Shop YouTube channel! Video editing was quite a learning curve for me since it is the first time I've ever done it. It took 2 days to edit so I really hope you appreciate it and please subscribe and like the video (to encourage me to make more!).

For a complete list of tools and materials, please check out our recipes menu. You can purchase the materials and tools from La Petite Épicerie and they deliver worldwide! Here are some additional tips for the video:
  • You can use air-dry clay or polymer clay for the pastry and icing. I recommend polymer clay to make the chestnut and other mini decorative toppings as it is much more dense
  • I always work on a piece of clean tile. You can use it as a palette and fire it up in an oven. Tiles are easy to clean so it doesn't matter what sorta gunk dries up on it, you can easily scrape it off
  • Always give air-dry cream at least 48 hours to set (even smaller pieces)
  • Don't worry if it seems like I'm modelling super fast. A lot of the process is actually very slow so you are seeing a fast-forwarded version in the video (so that viewers don't get bored!)
  • Oyumaru is a mold maker brand from Japan that I have been using since I first started. It is brilliant because you can keep re-using it over and over again! Just put it in hot water to re-melt
  • Handle the clay with a light touch so that you don't distort the shape. This may take a lot of practise and experience but as long as you have the patience to learn, you can do it! 
Rainbow pastel Mont Blanc. Tutorial exclusively on Instagram
Original Mont Blanc design
Raspberry Mont Blanc. Use pink clay and just add raspberry instead of chestnut
Of course if you would rather order these desserts from us, it is now available in our French Pastries menu. I am off to Japan next week but will be listing all of our new arrivals before I go so please stay tuned!


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