Wednesday 5 April 2017

Coming soon to Tiny Frock Shop - Exclusive Littlest Sweet Shop sets

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers! 

We are happy to announce that we shipped out new sets of miniatures to America that will be exclusively sold and distributed by Tiny Frock Shop. These sets will be available online soon but here is a sneak peak of all the upcoming new sets. Make sure to follow Tiny Frock Shop on their social media channels to find out when they will be released since they are extremely rare and limited (only 1 set each). We will also make the announcement on our own social media channels so if you have an eye on something, stay tuned!

Sweet Treats Collection:

3 Fruit Heart Lollipops
1 Pink and white swirl lollipop
4 Belgian waffles
1 Ice cream sundae in wafer bowl
1 Ice cream soft serve (with wire stand included)
3 Churros
1 Lime snow cone
2 plain waffles
3 Littlest Sweet Shop snacks
1 Candy Bar in Strawberry milk and chocolate marble
2 Pretzels
1 Pink and rainbow sprinkles popsicle with a bite take out
Sweet Treats Collection

Bakery Shop:

1 Handmade Box
1 Baguette
1 broken piece Baguette
2 Rainbow bagels
1 Poppy Seed bun
3 Medium sized Bread loaf
3 Various pretzels
4 Doughnuts
1 Handmade Box
Bakery Shop

Littlest Sweet Shop Starter Set

1 Spring floral cake
1 Christmas Macaron cake
1 Pack of chocolate sweets
1 small chocolate bar
1 Bundt Cake with Chocolate drizzle
2 Fruit Heart shaped lollipops
1 Chocolate Roll cake
1 Ombre Cupcake
1 Mince Pie
4 Viennese Whirls
2 Lettuce
1 Sliced whole apple
1 Half grapefruit
5 slices of oranges
1 Mont Blanc
Littlest Sweet Shop Starter Set
Includes a selection of Fruits
A selection of our famous treats and Seasonal items
Includes everthing in the photo

Valentine's Day Collection

1 Heart Charlotte cake
1 Heart shaped berry tarte
2 Candy Bars (strawberry milk & dark chocolate and strawberry)
1 Pack of chocolate candy
2 Heart chocolate lollipops
1 Heart Box of chocolates (incomplete)
1 Bow sugar cookie
4 Heart pound cake slices (2 sealed in packaging)
Valentine's Day Collection
Close-up views

English Tea Biscuits

1 Fruit Tart
6 Scones (some sliced, some with jam and clotted cream sandwich)
7 Viennese Whirls jam sandwiches
10 Viennese Whirls with candy in the middle
9 Rich Tea Biscuits
5 Viennese Whirls
1 Handmade Box
English  Tea Biscuits

Fancy Tea Party 

1 4-Layer Victorian Sponge Cake with strawberry slices
4 Mont Blancs
1 Strawberry Shortcake
2 Ispahans
3 Danish Pastries
2 Pink Meringue Nests
1 Pink Ribbon Jelly
1 Checkered Cake with slice
4 Heart pond cake slices
6 Viennese Whirls with candy in the middle
1 Small strawberry tart
Fancy Tea Party
Ispahan with handmade raspberries

Plenty of sweet treats in this collection

Easter  (SOLD OUT)

4 Chocolate Bunnies (2 dark chocolate and 2 milk chocolate)
1 Simnell Cake
2 Easter Egg sugar biscuit lollipops
7 Hand Painted Eggs
3 Marshmallow Peeps
1 Caterpillar Sugar cookie
1 Pound cake with a slice
Easter collection


1 Candelabra
1 Chocolate house centerpiece
1 Jack o'Lantern Pie
1 Halloween Bundt Cake
1 Pack Chocolates
1 Chocolate marbled candy bar
2 Halloween Pound Cake with 6 slices
20 over Spiderweb mints
Halloween collection
Close-up view
That is all for today. Be sure to visit Littlest Sweet Shop on Monday for a special blog post about the new Tilda Circus fabric range!


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