Monday 10 April 2017

Tilda Circus Blog Hop

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers 

If you have been following my 1/6 scale dollhouse adventures, you would have noticed that the interior decoration and furniture upholstery are made using Tilda products. I had even made a dress for the dolls using Tilda fabric (just make sure it is one of their smaller prints to suit the scale). Tilda is a Norwegian brand which makes lovely fabrics, paper pads, craft items, and more. The prints are so girly and kitsch so naturally it fits in with the Littlest Sweet Shop world. 
I received the new Tilda Circus fabric range to play with and made a few items for the girls. The new fabric range is so colourful and reminds me of festivals in summertime. I decided to make some teepees for Harumi (Ruruko doll) so she could play in the garden with teepee tents to keep all her favourite toys.
1/6 Scale Teepee using Tilda Circus fabric
The prints are a bit more quirky than usual and beautifully matched with colourful bunting and rainbow colours. The sweet and cheery prints can definitely brighten up the day.
Tilda Circus teepee with Littlest Sweet Shop carousel cake
Harumi playing in the garden with her toys. If it gets too hot she will listen to the radio inside the teepee
Tilda's signature vintage floral prints is so sweet and my favourite print from this collection
I also made a new blanket for the bed in the dollhouse. This is Akiko's room and since she is a ballerina, she loved the new print with a ballerina doing an arabesque on pointe on an elephant!! It is so Bohemian and at the same time the print is made in a gorgeous vintage blue so it matched all of the current Tilda wallpaper and curtains in the bedroom.
Tilda Circus print made into a blanket
Matching Tilda's Corner Shop collection wallpaper and blinds
It is such a fun print so I also added pink pom poms to the sides. I had to hand-sew it on (took ages!) but I am so happy how it turned out.
Pink pompoms completes the quirky Circus-themed blanket
If this is your first time visiting Littlest Sweet Shop for the blog hop, check out the other Tilda materials that I used for the dollhouse. You can frame up illustrations provided in Tilda paper pads and use the cardstock as dollhouse wallpaper. Even the sofa is made from Tilda fabric!
Living room with Tilda upholstery and wallpaper. Did you spot the new potted plant? Also made by me using polymer clay
Tilda fabric used for the bay window seat and Tilda wallpaper. Picture frame with Tilda art
Hope you enjoyed that small update from the dollhouse. Join us again in the next few days as we bring you all of the new products for April including some new Easter bunny chocolates.


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