Monday 8 September 2014

Back to School

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

There are some new 1/3 and 1/6 scale treats that arrived in the shop today including these (NEW) delicious cakes. These 1/3 scale cakes are now available in the 1/3 menu.

I was commissioned to make some cake slices and made a Raspberry heart cake (perfect for 2 dolls to share) whilst developing them.

1/3 Black Forest cake slice
1/3 Strawberries and Cream cake slice
1/3 Raspberry cake
Your dolls can also opt for any type and flavour of cake that they desire! I will definitely develop new cakes in 1/3 in the future.

Here are some updates on current 1/3 treats:

Mint and Vanilla scoops with strawberry milk sauce, pastel sprinkles, whipped cream and cherry
Blue and pink pastel doughnuts
That's not all! Here are some new 1/6 scale treats:

Mini Victoria Sponge cake. Topped with whole strawberries
Mini Victoria Sponge cake. Topped with cherries and blueberries
The cakes look so cute alongside my new My Melody re-Ment miniatures. The mini size makes it perfect for tea parties. Now available in the Cakes menu.
Frozen Yoghurt.
Our frozen yoghurt comes in a cute wafer bowl. The mini size should fit in the palm of your doll's hand. Now available in the Ice Cream menu.

These two whole cakes (1/6 scale) were also commissioned recently. The Victoria sponge cake features the latest strawberry slices from a cane I made.

Cakes made for the Lancashire Lasses
The Littlest Sweet Shop maids have just started the new school term. 

Naru: Senior at St. Nicholas High School
Maya: Junior at St. Nicholas High School
Akiko: Senior at Thorpe Preparatory School
Yuffie: Junior at Kingsley Grammar School

L-R: Naru, Maya, Akiko, Yuffie
Naru and Maya having tea after school
Akiko and Yuffie sharing some treats over tea
Maya wears a beige leather Cambridge Satchel (and I have a similar bag in dark brown!). She wears pink Mary Janes to match her hair
Akiko loves the colours on this rainbow lollipop
Yuffie striking a pose
The girls always find a hard time deciding what they would  like to eat first!
The Littlest Sweet Shop girls look so preppy-chic in their new uniforms. They seem pretty excited about the new term and I'm also starting ballet again! It's been a long summer holiday without any real exercise and stretching so I MUST prepare before the first class (gulp!). I'm also taking additional private lessons in ballet but I will still have enough time to model more new things for the Sweet Shop.

Okay, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed all the new arrivals that came in today. Please come visit again next time for some Halloween-tastic treats!


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