Friday 19 September 2014

Halloween Sweets and Treats collection 2014

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers <3

Today we have some new items available for Halloween! You can check them all out in the Seasonal menu but here's a more detailed description on each item :D

Halloween showcase. A mixture of cookies, chocolate, cakes, candy, sweets, popsickles and cupcakes!
With Halloween only a month away, make sure you start booking some spooktacular treats for your dolls. We have a wide variety of items to choose from and each of them are special ^_^

That's not all! I'm currently working on MORE new Halloween sweets. I love Halloween and it's so fun to be creative around a theme. Please make sure you put in your order ASAP so you can get it in time for Halloween.

So many cool things to choose from! Which one to eat first? XD
Cakes, cheesecakes and pies. Each candy corn is super tiny!
Why not use the Halloween cookies as decoration? They look so cute sitting on the window
Our Halloween table centrepiece - a dark chocolate Haunted House! It's packed with details including a graveyard.
Solid chocolate 'shack/house' on green marzipan. Finished with chocolate trees and granite toombstones. Gravel (metallic rainbow sprinkles) pathway.
An amazing chocolate treat to share of course
Chocolate fence keeps house safe from trespassers. Freshly dug graves (grated chocolate) with granite tombstones.
Size comparison. House is as tall as a penny
Any zombie dolls out there? This is a great treat for all of those dressing up as zombies. I made the granite tombstone and pumpkins as well. If you like the props you can commission one for yourself. Makes a great Halloween decoration.

White (Chocolate) brains in pool of blood (cherry syrup)
Pink (Raspberry milk) brains in a pool of slime (lime syrup) 
Some candy corn popsickles to cool down?

Orange and lemonade flavour
True to scale candy corn that are super tiny and cute

Halloween swirl lollipops. With glitter infused black.
Gummy worms that make your skin crawl!

Gummy worms. Available in 6 combo of colours/flavours
Average size 1/6 scale
Adorable or spooky? You decide! Our first glow-in-the-dark product! Just turn of the lights and the white icing will glow and spook out your Halloween guests - BOO!

Glow-in-the-dark Ghost cookies
Jack'o lantern cookies. Choose whatever expression you want

A BIG thank you to Maya who arranged the new Halloween items near the window display. It's all part of her job as a Littlest Sweet Shop maid.

She dropped by after school to help out

Okay, that's all for today. The girls are planning a Halloween party and they all have their costumes ready! It's going to be a good one so make sure you visit again :D 


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