Friday 29 August 2014

My Littlest Ponies

Heyya Littlest Sweet Shoppers!
Summer is finally over and it felt like a short one (boo!). Despite being busy with the kitchen renovation (final stages), I managed to come up with some new cakes. You can now find all new items in the Cakes menu.
Colourful assortment of new yummy cakes! Perfect for fetes and parties
I have been teasing Facebook Littlest Sweet Shoppers with WIP photos of this cake. It may not look as big as the Castle cake but it actually takes more steps and careful planning. I'm glad how it turned out especially since this project was in the back-burner since April! The base of the cake is rainbow flavour and covered with a thick layer of magenta marzipan. Each pole is a twisty rainbow candy and each horse is a sugar cookie with cute details. I also added elements of gold into it (carousels are supposed to be a bit grand) and pearl clay. 

Carousel Rainbow cake. A special cake with a lot of fine details
Side of the cake is adorned with sparkly beads and white bows
There are 6 horses in total and they are all rainbow coloured! Each one hand painted using a needle
If you think a whole Carousel cake is too much for your doll - opt for a single serving of Carousel horse cookies. 
If you love doing Alice in Wonderland themed tea-parties, then you must make sure to serve cute and colourful Chequered cakes. They are iced in sugar icing with decorative sprinkles on top.

Alice-themed tea party

You can also order a whole Chequered cake too!
Perfect for tea time
Our last debut for today is a Summer Bloom cake. Iced in thick turquoise icing with gold bead accents. Topped with pink flowers and pretty summer insects (decorative of course). It's rare to see cakes done in very strong and bright colours like this so I hope you can enjoy something different :D

For those of you who love updates on Puppen Haus:

Puppen Haus is now house no. 178. No reason for this. I bought a pack of the wooden numbers so I thought I might as well use them up :p

I made this little blue alarm clock from pearl and gold clay

Since new term is starting in September, the girls have acquired new stationery and books
New and vintage re-Ments
Here is a recent commission of 1:12 scale rainbow lollipops and sweets which is made from FIMO Professional. The colours are still bright and brilliant despite the tiny size of the miniatures. 

Recent commission for a Canadian Littlest Sweet Shopper
1:12 scale rainbow lollipops

Kay! That's all for now. See you again very soon ^_^


  1. I love your polymer clay work!
    :D So wonderful!
    It makes me smile and feel good to see it!