Saturday 27 September 2014

New in - Thanksgiving treats and more Halloween candy!

Hey hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Happy autumn! I know at first everyone is in denial about the season change (and it's getting harder to ignore dropping temperatures and shorter daylight time) but we all need to embrace it and welcome the fall season with open arms.

Here are some new arrivals that are just perfect for the season and Thanksgiving Day. The items in the picture below are all now available in the Seasonal menu.
New autumn season arrivals
We have two different types of pumpkin pies. The filling is a beautiful caramel/pumpkin colour that will make anyone's mouth water. As always, pie dishes are recycled bottle caps.

Pumpkin Pie
Doesn't the whipped cream look super light and fluffy? The perfect dessert after Thanksgiving dinner.
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. 
Gobble Gobble Gobble
Turkey Cookies. Subtle icing design to make out feathers on the sugar cookie
Maple cookies. Available in autumnal colours like browns, caramel, orange and gold
I've also made some additional spooky candy especially for Halloween. They are made from a cane so you can have it in 1/6 and even 1/12 scale. It's the perfect filler for your doll's Halloween treat bag. Also new in the Seasonal menu.
Spiderweb mint candies. Black and white candy with an intricate web pattern
My skull cane came out looking a bit like Skeletor ><
Skull liquorice candy. Not poison!
Scale comparison and detailing of each Halloween candy
In the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd make more new candy for the sweet shop. This candy bar is now available in the Sweets Boutique menu. I thought it would be also fun to give clients the option to have the candy bar sliced open to reveal the filling. You can also have any filling of your choice!
Candy bar - Caramel coated with dark chocolate and milk strawberry filling
Scale comparison with 1/6 scale candy bar
Littlest Sweet Shop candy bars ready for sale

Naru has been sweeping away in the shop today and tidying it up. We've changed some products displayed around the shop for autumn. 

Naru looking cute in her new elegant lolita dress.
Naru loves the new Halloween candy
Close up
Step into the sweet shop and try to spot all the new Halloween accents in the shop.
Ice cream counter now serves the Candy Corn popsickles
Spooky cakes and sweets in the corner
Pumpkins and tombstones
Sweets boutique
So, that's all for now. It's going to be fun putting together our Halloween party with all these new stuff. Please come visit again.


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