Wednesday 28 June 2017

Back in England!

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Just to let you know that I am finally back after almost a month long holiday in Japan and ready to start making miniatures again! Littlest Sweet Shop was on hiatus for almost a month but we are back now with some cool new tools and materials from Japan so stay tuned to see all the new items that I will be creating.
Arc Oasis in Kyoto selling every Tamiya Decoration Series and Padico product you can imagine. My idea of heaven!
All of the rare and hard to find Japanese clay
Please visit my Flickr page if you are interested in seeing my favourite purchases from Japan. There are so many items to make miniature food that is only available in Japan so I was quite pleased to be able to purchase them. I also had the opportunity to buy all of my favourite toys and miniatures from Akihabara since it was my birthday. I also went crazy for all of the My Melody (original Sanrio) products that was available almost everywhere but managed to calm to urge to get everything with My Melody's face on it.

There will also be so many new Japanese food available soon at Littlest Sweet Shop since we ate nothing but Japanese cuisine for a month! I love Japanese food and their delicious sweets so I came home with a lot of new inspiration.

In bigger cities like Tokyo, you can see Shokuhin Samples (fake food displays) like these in the front of the restaurant/cafe entrance. They have everything from soft serve ice cream to ramen! Each sample is remarkably intricate and looks 99% just like the real thing. It is there to help you decide if you want to eat in the shop since all of the display items are based on their menus. I really wished I could make something like this, but I guess I'm already doing it but just in miniature!
Fake crepes in a display at Harajuku, Tokyo
I am Sculpey's blogger of the month for July which means that I will be blogging there once a week and there will also be a special Sculpey project released on the same month so make sure you stick around and I will display the links here if you are interested.

Other than that I am currently working on a big Chinese Take Out project for July. If you are following me on Instagram, you will see that I have assembled 12 miniature take-out boxes and I will be making 12 different Chinese food items to fill each of them. This might take a while to do since I just spent all day making white rice, one grain at a time!

That's all for now. Here is a photo of me in Kyoto to end the post.
Nadia in Kyoto


  1. Aww, so nice to "meet" you! It is always nice to see the face behind somebody you have gotten to know through their blog or Flickr! I really love your creations!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting Littlest Sweet Shop! I will definitely be making more new miniatures for dolls especially when I just had a boost of inspiration

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