Sunday 3 May 2015

Sweets Boutique Update

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I made some new sweets and chocolate for the Sweets Boutique so this post is all about CANDY!!!!
If you are a sugar addict like me, you are in for a treat :p

You can commission this Pick'n Mix stand from us. It's a great size for fashion dolls or as a prop for a shop diorama.
Littlest Sweet Shop Pick'n mix stand
Just let us know what you would like and Maya will help get it for you
Most of our sweets and chocolate are available from the 'Pick'n mix' section which means you can select any type of sweets you would like from only £1.50 and £2.00 for the chocolates.

Fruit drops and wrapped sweets
Jelly beans and marshmallow mushrooms
Assorted humbugs (NEW) and mini marshmallows
Gummy bears (NEW) and English fudge
Toffee humbugs (NEW) and marshmallow Flumps

Liquorice all-sorts and mini Flumps

We have also made it easier for you to purchase chocolates via the Pick'n mix method

Chocolate bears, Candy Bars, Fudge blocks (NEW), bonbons (NEW)
Belgian Chocolate seashells (NEW). 5 designs
Foil-wrapped heart chocolates (NEW)
Your doll can unwrap the foil to reveal yummy chocolate inside. You could also purchase them without the foil wrapping
As usual, please remember that all of our lollipops are made to order so you can choose any colours that you would like. 

Another new arrival are these light and fluffy marshmallow lollipops (NEW). At Littlest Sweet Shop we pride ourselves in making the most yummy and realistic looking sweets.

Our marshmallows are hand made and set to the lightest marshmallow setting!
We also have some new boxes for the assorted chocolates. It comes in a dozen and each chocolate is unique.

Box of chocolate candies (NEW)
You can always give a gift of chocolate all year round, not just on Valentine's Day
All of our sweets and chocolate have been made to fit 1/6 scale. There are a lot of details on each piece and since they are the cheapest thing you can buy from us, make sure you grab a small bag of pick'n when you are visiting the Littlest Sweet Shop.

I hope that you have enjoyed that little tour around our updated Sweets Boutique. We are not responsible for any cavities that your dolls may develop and we guarantee that each confectionery is packed with sugar sweet goodness.

"Thank you for visiting our Littlest Sweet Shop"


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