Monday 25 May 2015

Happy Birthday Maya (New items and updates)

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Today we are serving some new items at Maya's Birthday Party. It's held in the garden which is the best place to enjoy tea and biscuits in the late Spring season.
Garden birthday party
Akiko, Naru and Yuffie had organised this afternoon tea party for Maya. The giant lollipops were made by Littlest Sweet Shop as well. 
Maya and guests. L-R (Akiko, Maya, Naru, Yuffie)
This 'Happy Birthday' cake can be customised for any birthday doll (as long as their name can fit on the cake!). New in the 'Cakes' menu.
'Happy Birthday' Cake
'Happy Birthday' cake comes with the cutest decoration on the side. Maya's favourite colour is pink so it is pink-themed.
Side detail: 3 tier riffles (in pink ombré) and bows 
My Melody presents and cards from Maya's best friends
Gummy Bears has been updated with a new colour - Yellow! They now come in 6 bright colours! Available in the Pick'n Mix section in the 'Sweets Boutique' menu.
Gummy Bear updates: NEW yellow Gummy Bear
Having tea and biscuits in the garden
Another new item is our cream biscuits. You can order biscuits in plain or chocolate flavour with any filling that you want! Fine details include ridged sides. Lovely to enjoy with tea.
Updated: Cream biscuits
Littlest Sweet Shop beverages are new in the 'Brunch' menu. You can order any drinks and choose to have it with or without whipped cream. The whipped cream on the Iced coffee is removable
Strawberry milk and Iced coffee
Our last new 1/6 scale item are these detailed 'Playing Cards' cookies. I plan to make an Alice in Wonderland cake in the upcoming future so it would be possible to have a Mad Hatter's tea party! You will have to wait for the cake to be made but you can order these cookies right now from the 'Bakery' menu.

Cookies are iced with white icing and each cookie is decorated like a playing card. You can choose the value of your card (cookie) in diamond, clubs, hearts and spades.
'Playing cards' cookies. Perfect for Alice in Wonderland themed parties
'Spades' design
'Clubs' design
'Diamond' design 
'Hearts' design
We even have some new arrivals in 1:12 scale. The downscaled (twice smaller) versions of our cream biscuits and chocolate bar.
1:12 scale cream biscuits
You can also order these 1:12 scale chocolate as mini chocolate bars in 1:6 scale
1:12 scale chocolate bars
As usual, all of Littlest Sweet Shop products are true to scale so your dolls can enjoy them 100%!
Maya is enjoying Littlest Sweet Shop's cream biscuit (chocolate biscuit with vanilla filling)
Naru is enjoying '6 of Hearts' cookie

Hope you like our new items! Please come again - BYE!


  1. Totally adorable! I especially love the drinks--yummy! Great outdoor scenes! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I will take more shots in my garden when the weather improves. Thank you again for visiting