Friday 24 April 2015

PuppenHaus updates

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's time to take a peak into the dollhouse again. The dollhouse is like a never-ending collage that I work on almost every week especially when I'm always on the hunt for new miniatures and furniture.

This is the current home of Maya, Yuffie, Naru and Akiko and the miniatures or 'things' around the house has to reflect their personalities. Maybe that is why you get a mish mash of almost everything!

All photos are taken inside the dollhouse where the miniatures and furniture are permanently placed. The OCD in me makes sure that I use up as many miniatures as I can instead of keeping them away in storage. Taking photos inside the dollhouse is tricky since it is on the floor of my room and there is no sunlight, except for the top floor. Hope you can bear with me ^_^'

Let's take a look at the bedroom first.

Bedroom, top floor
I changed the bedroom layout and moved the bed. I got the Little Twin Stars re-Ment room set and used the bedside table, lamp, picture frame and cushion for this section. The Little Twin Stars table was actually too short (it must have been 1/10 scale) for the dollhouse but I don't think it looks too bad. It definitely makes the room look more girly.

Little Twin Stars bedside table with lamp and photo frame
This chair was built and assembled by me. It was a DIY kit that came with a Dollybird magazine. I painted it with Laura Ashley matte colour to match the interior decoration. The unicorn plush is also from the Little Twin Stars set and you can see a Hello Kitty digital weighing scale at the corner.

Chair DIY from Dollybird
I love the idea of an open wardrobe. I keep all the azone clothes in a seperate box and these are all re-Ment costume clothes. There are also various bags from re-Ment and azone and their shoes are arranged neatly on the floor of the wardrobe.

Open wardrobe
In the far right corner of the room, I moved the Ikea HUSET shelf from the living room to the bedroom. I think it is perfect for their shoes, especially boots. There is a little vanity table and also a red wheelie suitcase tucked neatly against the shelf.

Shelf from Ikea HUSET. Perfect for displaying boots

I was tempted to get the complete set of re-Ment's cosmetic miniatures but since the table looks so cluttered now from existing bits and bobs, I decided not to waste the money (and buy other miniatures instead!). New additions include a Hello Kitty vanity box, Little Twin Stars perfume and powder puff and other Hello Kitty cosmetics items.

Vanity table is Sindy vintage 70s furniture
Now let us take a look at the second floor - the study and the living room.

There are 2 new Ikea furniture on this floor including the chair, bookcase and bureau (Sindy).

1st floor. Study and living room
I got rid of the desk that I made and got this Sindy vintage 70s bureau to replace it. It has so many compartments, drawer pull-outs and even the chest has 2 compartments to stash more miniatures. Currently I keep the girl's musical instruments in the chest.

Sindy vintage 70s bureau
The bureau opens up to more space for the girls to do their homework. Here are just some of the miniatures stashed in there, all re-Ment. I also attached a Hello Kitty phone on the wall which probably looks very retro since nobody does that anymore (probably). Please visit my flickr account to see what other things are hidden within this bureau unit.
All re-Ment miniatures.
Another new addition to the study is this Ikea BILLY bookcase. I wish I had more miniature books to place here but I don't XD

It's quite a big shelf so maybe in the next update there will be more items placed on it. For now there are figurines from re-Ment, vintage Polly Pocket dolls and other bits and bobs from re-Ment. I also moved the Sindy vintage 70s rocking chair here. The girls can sit by the window on a comfy chair and read their manga.

Ikea BILLY bookcase and vintage Sindy rocking chair.
The living room has a new Ikea POANG chair (replace the rocking chair). Everything else is the same.
Comfy living room. The girls sometimes have tea in here. 
I re-arranged some items in the Sindy vintage 70s dresser. The middle shelf holds all of my precious teapots and teacups as well as other valuable china. 

My prized red dotty tea set from re-Ment Natalie French
Finally, the ground floor of Puppen Haus which is the kitchen and dining area.

Ground floor. Kitchen and dining area
Some new re-Ment miniatures around the sink. The pink mug on the left is actually for the bathroom (there is a toothbrush and toothpaste inside it) but there isn't any bathroom in this house (not that dolls need to bathe or go number 2). I just decided to place it near the sink where they might brush their teeth :p
Various re-Ment miniatures
I also manage to get a second spice shelf for the kitchen and decided to place salt and pepper shakers in them (they didn't come with the original spice jars). The pumpkin casserole looks like a vintage Le Creuset so I decided to place it on the hob.

And our last new furniture update - the Ikea IVAR shelf that Akiko and Maya built. This is my second IVAR unit and I tried to place as many grocery miniatures as I can! This kitchen is more stocked up than my own pantry! The kitchen looks small with this pantry placed between the kitchen and living room but it makes a nice divider and the girls still have room to move around in the kitchen.

Ikea IVAR shelf with mostly re-Ment miniatures
OK, that's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed this brief tour inside my 1/6 scale dollhouse. Next week there will be new sweets and chocolate in the Littlest Sweet Shop and you do not want to miss that!

Have a lovely weekend - BYE!


  1. Great collection of Re-Ment! Thanks for the tour. Lucky dolls! xo Jennifer

    1. I envy the girls, they are living in MY dream home lols
      Thank you and do come again ^_^

  2. Your girls live in a lovely home! All that cute furniture and the little props~ ^^ ♥

    I just adore bay windows, it's amazing that there's a dollhouse that has those! The 1:12 scale dollhouse which I had as a child pales in comparison to this one, haha! xD

    1. Thank you dear. The bay windows are lovely but I spent hours just sanding and painting each one! I had a plastic 1:12 dollhouse as a child too but even though it wasn't so great, it was my favourite toy <3