Sunday 10 May 2015 Shopping review


Hey Hey!

Hope you are having a great weekend. Here's a review on an online kawaii shop It has a great selection of cute and girly items to live a kawaii life.

From sweets and snacks to J-Fashion magazines, blippo has everything you need to pretend like you were living in Japan!

I was sent a few items from the website. It reached my home in rural England in less than 2 weeks and free shipping is offered with the products as well. The package was still in mint condition and all items in the box had arrived safely.

Here is a short review on each of the item.

1. Kabaya Panda Almond Chocolate Balls
My snack drawer contains so many Panda sweets. Coincidence?

Previously during my trip to London I bought so many Japanese snacks including another Kabaya Panda snack and a Panda Caplico. Panda theme is too cute!

Like most of Japanese sweets, The Panda Almond Chocolate balls were not too sweet and comes in a small portion. The chocolate was smooth and the biscuit top were very crunchy and had cute expressions on it!

From my experience with the other Panda snacks, it basically tastes like vanilla and chocolate and sometimes cookies and cream.

2. Hello Kitty Beauty Scissors

Manicure time. Together with My Melody nail polish, Little Twin Stars toe separators and Hello Kitty tissue 

I must admit that I'm quite partial to anything Sanrio but it has to be an Original Sanrio item, not a licensed product. In the UK we only get licensed Hello Kitty items (and no other Sanrio characters :( ) so I am so glad that sells authentic Sanrio products that you can only get in the Japanese market. 

These scissors not only look good with the iconic Hello Kitty polka dot red bow, it works brilliantly as well! The whole piece is metal and not too small either (my previous manicure scissors were smaller). I can tell that this product will last for a long time because of the quality and the fact that it looks too cute with my make-up collection. 

Turn it over and you see Mimi Kitty's (Hello Kitty's twin) own yellow polka dot bow trademark. Double kawaii!

Mimi Kitty's iconic bow

3. Pastel Shell Bracelet

Coordinate with bright bikinis

With summer just around the corner, I know exactly when to use this cute bracelet. It matches most of my bikini and swimsuit collection and the shells make me feel like a mermaid!

My wrist is really small so I was worried that it might be too big for me. Fortunately this one was not a bad fit. It wasn't snug but it wasn't too loose either. It's plastic so you don't have to worry about getting it wet in sea water.

4. Mini Towel with Sweets

My Melody and Latte loves this towel. They think it's a picnic blanket!

This mini towel comes in a practical handkerchief size. On the corner side you have a section to write your name so you won't loose it (just like typical Japanese schoolchildren's hanky).

The print is just cute and perfect for a person who owns a sweet shop. Since it's so absorbent I decided to hang it in my bathroom.

5. FREE GIFT - Blippo keychain

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a free gift from the shop. It has the blippo logo and the words "Shibuya Dance League"

Obviously I had to attach it to my ballet class bag. I think it's kinda cool to be in the Shibuya Dance League ^_^

That's all for now. Make sure you come and visit again in the next few days for a giveaway.



  1. Nice review. Blippo sounds like a lot of fun! xo Jennifer

    1. It's really a kawaii shop! Plus free shipping!