Monday 8 June 2015

Candy Japan Review


Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Today I'm doing another review for a Japanese snack/sweets service named 'Candy Japan'. You can subscribe to the service and receive mystery sweets not just once, but TWICE in a month!

The monthly subscription only cost $25 and here is a sample of the most recent box (you will receive a box fortnightly):

Candy Japan sweets

You only get a few items but they are better for sharing (bigger portions) compared to other subscription boxes that have more items, but smaller (single) portions.

This company is run by a nice Finnish person who makes sure that he picks out only the most exclusive sweets and snacks for the Japanese market. Shipping takes 2 weeks to the UK and you get a lovely box of sweet and savoury snacks that you could probably never get in England.

1. Chibi Sours

Naru is serving up some Chibi Sours
The name is a bit misleading since it's actually not so sour but reminds me of traditional gummy sweets especially because it is coated in sugar. I love Japanese sweets because they don't taste as sweet as our usual sweets and the flavours are not the usual common type that you get here.

The flavours are grape, orange, peach (my favourite) and apple.

2. Frozen Strawberry Milk Snack

I have never seen the movie Frozen but obviously I am aware of it (lol). I wasn't sure at first if this item was gimmicky because of the Frozen characters on the packaging. I guess the link with the film is that the balls of cereal were 'frosted' in light pink coating.

Despite all that, they are absolutely DELICIOUS! The balls are not tiny and they are packed with flavour. Imagine doughnut balls that are crispy instead of soft with a yummy sweet strawberry coating. The balls itself were dense enough and even though I shared this with my husband, I quickly regretted sharing them since it was just so good!

3. Sour Poifull

The texture of these sweets are like jelly beans but with an intense and sour punch to it. The flavours include Lemon, Raspberry, Grape and Kiwi and they have a very soft texture inside. Biting into the grape one reminded me of Grape soda. All of the flavours are brilliant and it comes in a zip lock bag since you won't be able to finish a whole bag in one go!

4. Avocadooza

These crackers are so good with beer that my husband almost finished the whole pack without me! It is crispy and wonderfully flavoured with a hint of wasabi (but not too much) and leaves you with a lingering taste of avocado in your mouth. My husband would even buy these if it was actually sold here in the UK since he likes it that much.

That is all for now. Remember to visit Candy Japan at to receive a wonderful surprise from the far East.

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