Wednesday 4 March 2015

Breakfast at Littlest Sweet Shop

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Do your dolls fancy a big hearty breakfast in the morning? If the answer is YES, check out our all new Breakfast menu! We have moved the waffles and pancakes into this new menu as well so you have a nice selection for brekkie à la carte.

Select anything you would like from the menu to suit your hunger
The idea of an à la carte breakfast menu allows you to mix and match any fry-up items. For example, you could order stacked pancakes with a side of 4 streaky bacon drizzled with maple syrup or a full English breakfast. Baked beans, toast, omelette, French toast and cereal will be added into this menu in the upcoming months!

For today, our new breakfast food include:

Fried Egg (Sunny Side Up). These eggs look like the real thing and not fried to crisp (just nice :D). The top bit and yolk as you can see is still slightly runny and very slight crisping around the edges.

Frying eggs at the sweet shop for the early morning rush
Fried Sausage / Bangers. Sausages come fresh from our own charcuterie

Fried Back Bacon. Also from our own charcuterie

Fried Streaky Bacon. Some people like back bacon, some prefer crispy streaky bacon. We have made options to satisfy most ;)

Fried Cocktail Sausages. Same wholesome sausages in mini size for cuteness.

Assemble any combination of yummy fry-ups for your own personalised plate of brekkie.

Our next new item is the TACO!

We offer 2 types of tacos, chicken and beef. The chicken taco consists of shredded chicken, salsa, lettuce and cheese while the beef taco consists of beef mince, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and cheese

Chicken and beef taco
 Tacos can be found in the Brunch menu and makes the perfect fast food snack.

Our tacos cram in a lot of yummy details. Simply irresistible
We have some new rashers in the charcuterie in our Deli menu. If you would like to stock up your fridge with raw bacon, look no further. We offer both back bacon and streaky bacon in our charcuterie.

Littlest Sweet Shop Charcuterie
You can order a single rasher or a few to stack up. This is the perfect prop for a breakfast preparation scene.

Back bacon
Streaky bacon

So that's all the new items for now. I have some big news coming up soon so make sure you visit us again ^_^



  1. You're making me very, very hungry! All the food looks great. I especially love the colorful tacos! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you dear. Hope you enjoy your visit :)