Saturday 14 March 2015

Littlest Sweet Shop x Komikku

Hey there Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I've been making some unique accessories for an anime specialist store called Komikku. They are all food themed and made specially for their shop.

Animal Doughnuts. Totoro and Duck

Komikku is located in Norwich, England on a busy high street area (near-ish John Lewis, opposite Evans Cycles and next to the snowboarding shop). I'm hoping that more people will get to see Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures up close. 

They also have an online website and deliver to the UK. Make sure you stop by ^_^

Sailormoon Inner Senshi Chocolate cookie earrings. Gold plated. Extra bling on Usagi's ;)

A lot of my clients gave feedback on how the miniatures look good enough to eat! The marshmallows in the background were also made by Littlest Sweet Shop (1:1 scale marshmallow flumps).

Food themed accessories can look so yummy so it's great to finally have a storefront!!

Totoro Chocolate cookie Keychain

I'm sure a lot of anime fans will love the Sailormoon and Totoro themed miniature food. I myself get very nostalgic when I was designing them. I had to research the Sailormoon ribbon colours since I read the manga when I was in high school (so long ago), and the drawings are mostly black and white XD

Various Ice cream necklaces

Animal Doughnut rings (adjustable)

I do plan on making a wide variety of items in the future but I'm also working hard to create more new miniatures for the sweet shop. Next month we will be making more cake, animal doughnuts and taco necklaces as well as macaron stud earrings. Make sure you stay tuned for the updates :D

Rainbow lollipop and mint cake slice necklaces. The jam filling on the cake has glitter on it - a unique feature for the accessories line

There are more reasons for you to buy Littlest Sweet Shop accessories for yourself or as a gift:

Every piece is a labour of love
Unique pieces that are never mass produced
Support your local artist
It's a work of (miniature) art
Low carbon footprint - produced and sold locally

Various fridge magnets (1/3 scale)

That's all for now. Come back next week to check out new arrivals in the Littlest Sweet Shop


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